The Official Gears of War 2 Catch-all

add yourself to the GWJ Gears Clan. We are not hard to coerce into a game

Especially if it's good old Horde.

imbiginjapan wrote:
Jolly Bill wrote:

Not really, I think he's saying most of us have moved on and are not currently playing it. It's good advice, though.

Oh I know, I was just being sarcastic. That's the cost of being behind the times! No harm though in seeing if anyone has a copy they wanted to knock the dust off of.

I'm always up for horde mode, actually. I'd just need to plan it a bit though, as I've not been on Live much lately. I definitely recommend the MP training, and I'd also be up for some co-op as well.

If you have a schedule of when you'll be playing it, PM me before or right before you get online and I'll see what I can do.

I will play any kind of Gears pretty much any time.