Demon's Souls - Catch All

Yep, come back later was my best idea too. Or possibly there's a stealth ring that might help? I'll be honest, I don't know DeS that well. I played it after DS1, and pretty much just the one run through.

I finally got past a bottleneck in 5-1 that was giving me trouble, killed the Leechmonger, and am into the patented From Software poison swamp.

It's weird to see what's effectively the first iteration of Blighttown, the Forbidden Woods, etc. It's become such a trope in their games. I'm charmed to see the original one and see what's the same and what's different.

It does make me happy that my character has so much regen. The poison isn't a problem at all. I actually heal faster than I take poison damage.

ClockworkHouse wrote:

It's frustrating. I've avoided jumping onto a custom server because I assume those are mostly kept online so that PvP experts can keep dueling away, so I may trade phantoms I can't defeat for other players I can't defeat. I've really been having a good time and have all kinds of other thoughts about this game and how it fits into the evolution of the Souls series and all that, but the tendency issues have really put a cramp in things.

Ah, that sucks. I hadn't considered all the ramifications of the servers being offline. It was always easy to reset to neutral by playing online if you unintentionally drifted too far toward black or white. I guess that's no longer an option. I was going to suggest you try going elsewhere for now and come back when you've leveled up a bit, but it sounds like that's exactly what you've done.

Edit: Clock, maybe this will help:

Oh well done, Dyni. I remember seeing that some time ago but, having no interest, I didn't store it in long-term memory. Bravo!

Wow that's handy