When you cry manly tears of manliness

My mom (who has Alzheimers) just laid her head on my shoulder, and started telling me how proud she was of her oldest son. It took me a few minutes to realize she thought I was my dad. She spent five minutes telling me that she didn't want me to worry, that her boy was going to be okay once he got out of school. I managed not to cry before I helped her lie down for her nap, but I'm kind of a wreck now.

My God, trichy, that's just heart-rending. Much love to you and your family.

I'm so sorry trichy. I can't even imagine what you must be going through right now.

What they said Trichy. Good luck and you have my best thoughts going your way.

tboon wrote:

I took my youngest to college yesterday. I was good up until we said goodbye, then I choked up.

I am thinking this is going to happen to me next week. I'm preparing for my oldest to go to kindergarten and this is really starting to hit me. Seeing her go on the bus for the first time is going to be emotional.

You can do what I did when my oldest started kindergarten, the wife and I were on a 2 week vacation to Europe.
My parents sent him off to school.
I highly recommend this method.

This whole story hit me when I found out about it. I know it's only Legos, but I think he's more passionate about them than I've been about anything.

The internet found out.

Sometimes, once in a great while, when the planets align, the internet does something good.

I saw a report on the local news recently of an 84 year old pensioner, Tony Foulds, who has tended a memorial, in local woods, to the ten man aircrew of a bomber that crashed there shortly before D-Day. The bomber was returning from a run and was badly damaged. The crew were aiming to land on open ground when they saw a bunch of kids, including Tony, playing there. Tony saw the pilots gesturing to them and thought they were waving but now believes they were trying to get them to move out of the way. Instead of landing the bomber tried instead to clear the woods beyond and crashed killing all onboard. Tony has felt (this is getting to me again as I type) guilty about that moment ever since.

On the news report he said all he wanted was a flypast on the anniversary of the crash and it looks like he's going to get his wish thanks to the report, the UK and US airforces and, by the sound of it, the US ambassador to the UK.

Final donation for man whose blood helped save 2.4 million babies

After more than 60 years and 1173 donations, the 81 year old made his final benefaction.


James Harrison, surrounded by mothers of Anti-D babies at his final donation.

(FYI, in Australia you don't get paid to donate blood.)

Cross posting from a thread I opened last night, lot of manly tears were shed
This is difficult, but my sister could use your help right now

RBG Documentary on Hulu. Not quite gushing, but more than just teary. Great film, amazing person.

As a father of 3 kids in Australia, all of whom required Anti-D injections because of my wife's blood type, I'd say I have a lot to thank this man for!

Thanks so much for sharing....I had no idea.

Apollo 13 is really doing a number on me. Beautifully made and acted film.

Almost made it to the end before the dustiness in the room overwhelmed me - My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft

Yup, tears.

Same here.

My Nan, the woman who actually raised me and instilled the majority of the things I see as a positive in myself into me has just been diagnosed with lung cancer. So... f*ck cancer.

I’m so sorry Prozac

Deeply sorry, Prozac. I hope she can pull through it.

Really sorry to hear that Prozac

Yeah, no pulling through it. She’s ready to go. I’m reconciling myself with it and doing what she’d do, being pragmatic, getting sad then getting on with what needs to be done. She’s not the sort of person to get a into things like the MCU but that whole Carol Danvers getting back up over and over thing resonates with me because of her and how she’s lived her life.

For any Discworld fans out there she’s my own living personal Granny Weatherwax.

3am and I’m awake with Nan in her paliative care room. It’s crazy how quickly she’s gone downhill in the last two days. The staff here are great and she’s ready to go so I’m happy for her. I took this picture and my wife thought it was great, if you’re not a Terry Pratchett fan you won’t get it. I am looking forward to reading Discworld books to my kids, especially my daughter Daisy, who is named after nan, and being able to point to Esme Weatherwax and say that was Nan.

My eyes won’t stop leaking.


That sign is great! I love the DW books, and if your nan was anything like Granny Weatherwax at all, you were very lucky to have her in your life. My thoughts go out to you and your family.

I’ve left room on the sign to update it to “is probly” when the time comes.

When we first read about Granny Weatherwax it all made sense. My nan has always been a witch.

She was a nurse and helped people face the end, she always did what was capital R right, but that didn’t mean she was capital N nice and she’s never got good at losing.

I’ve never read a Weatherwax quote we couldn’t immediately apply to nan equally as well.

That moment when you realise the one person on the planet who loves you more than anyone else ever will is no longer there.


I’m so very sorry Prozac. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

Whew. This one really got me...