When you cry manly tears of manliness


Lets face it: we've all had one of those moments when watching a show, a movie or perhaps one of your kids and that one little tear of emotion comes out forcing you to say something like "Damnit, that allergy thing is acting up again." to regain a little of your manliness. Don't kid yourself, you've been there. And if you really haven't, please see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

It has happened to me one more than one occasion, but this week it came up once more as I was watching Forrest Gump with this girl. She had never seen it and it's been so long since I've seen it that I can't really remember what happens in it (except "Something bit me in the butt-ocks!" You just don't forget that). Anyway, at the very end of the movie, when the feather is floating away, I just couldn't help myself and a little tear came out. I was horrified at first and desperately thinking of a way to explain this one("Allergy? No, indoors. Mosquito bite? No, to wimpy. Gnarly fighting wound acting up again? No, might need to show non-existent scar."), but turns out I didn't need to. This girl apparently likes men who can be a little emotional at times and I think it really helped me out.*

Another one I remember is the Battlestar Galactica episode Flight of the Phoenix. When they unveil the Blackbird at the end and you see that they've named it Laura, I just couldn't stop it. Something about how Mary McDonnell handles that scene is just beautiful.

So, what are your stories of manly tears?

[size=6]*Why, yes, I did get lucky that night. Thank you for asking.[/size]

Up. The end of the montage at the beginning, and when he took a look at the scrap book in the back quarter of the movie, got me a little misty. Luckily, I do have the nasty wound+scar combo to blame it on.

For some reason, the ending of Dragonheart gets me every time.

I've brought this up before but the 2001 film, Amélie is not only one of my favorites of all time, but also makes me tear up every time I see it.

There's something about the culmination of all it parts that come together to create something so beautiful that it's hard to express in words. I mean, I can list all the qualities that the film excels in (story, casting, sweeping/creative cinematography, score, speedy editing, yellow/green lens filters) but all that technical stuff is only words when compared to the emotional impact it has upon me.

The end result is that this indescribable beauty makes me weep with tears of optimism and joy for life.

This scene in particular gets me every damn time.

I tend to throw this DVD in when I'm feeling emotionally constipated. It loosens me up inside unlike anything else I can think of.

Boy I'm feeling manly right about now. :p

Dead Poets Society, just about every time.

"Jurassic Bark." Cue KaterinLHC weeping.

Rat Boy wrote:

"Jurassic Bark." Cue KaterinLHC weeping.


I'm probably more prone to shed a tear over music than anything else. Specifically (but certainly not limited to) things like the climax of Barber's Adagio for Strings or Durafle's Requiem. Or even sappy things like Rascal Flatt's "Skin".


Up kind of pulled at the heartstrings.

Rat Boy wrote:

"Jurassic Bark." Cue KaterinLHC weeping.

Single manly tear...

Any movie or show where something bad happens involving children and/or animals.

Thanks for giving me something else to go over with my psychiatrist.


I am obviously not very manly... there are lots of movies that rip me to pieces.

It's a Wonderful Life
Toy Story 2 (the Sarah McLachlan piece)

and some I probably don't want to admit.

E.T. gets me every damn time.

Yeah, Up got me pretty misty eyed too.

I remember one that really had me in tears was Powder, at the end. What a heartbreaking movie!

The Notebook - particularily the part at the end when she remembers everything and they have a few minutes together. The first time I watched this my wife quickly turned the lights on when it was over to catch me crying. I was so choked up I could say anything for while.

Very good movie for a chick flick.

Rat Boy wrote:

"Jurassic Bark." Cue KaterinLHC weeping.

I can't watch that. I hate it so much. Only episode I have to skip completely.

The ending of saving private ryan.... that and the start of up.

I guess spoilers go without saying at this point.

Manly tears? The death of Maximus...every damn time I see it. Not for him as much as for the keen way the other characters clearly feel his loss.

Big-sissy tears? I can't get through a viewing of Love Actually without tearing up several times.

Piano and Violins usually hit my string pretty bad and make me cry. In a sad movie, it's a sure hit.

Field of Dreams

"You want to play catch?"

If you folks can watch movies with subtitles, I highly recommend Te Guk Gi: Brotherhood of War. The last scene in particular just about yanks the tears out of you.

Kraint wrote:

Up. The end of the montage at the beginning, and when he took a look at the scrap book in the back quarter of the movie, got me a little misty. Luckily, I do have the nasty wound+scar combo to blame it on.

What he said.

Also, the movie Young @ Heart. Balled like a girl with scraped knee.

Also, Reign Over Me. The part where Sandler's listening to Springsteen on his headphones.

I don't think I've cried since I was a kid.

I saw Bridge to Terebithia at the theater having never read the book and almost lost it after the storm part. I was so astonished they would do that.

Oh, the last 60 seconds of Avatar The Last Airbender series almost makes me shed tears of joy.

Think someone else mentioned it but 'Le Fabuleux Destin de Amélie Poulain', or whatever fancy french the title was in, really did jack up my heart, the only movie I can recall that struck so very close to home.

The more pathetic one of course is Trigun, Trigun was the first anime I ever bought, not that I've bought many and of course I was rather young at the time, actually I think I was fifteen so I suppose I just lost my excuse for crying when [color=white]Wolfwood dies[/color]. The entire show is eleven hours long and when I got the box set as a young-un I watched all of it in one sitting without nothing but short bathroom breaks, so to say the least I was quite invested towards the end.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - the leaving these shores ending sequence

Plenty of books, (also could throw LotR:RotK in there

DrSugardaddy wrote:

Big-sissy tears? I can't get through a viewing of Love Actually without tearing up several times.

Whenever I see that bit where Liam Neeson's wife has died and he's so sad I start crying. And it's right at the beginning too! But then Hugh Grant and Bill Nighy turn up and everything's okay.

Dead Poet's Society was the first movie that ever made me cry.

Up made me cry uncontrollably for at least the first twenty minutes.

And Jurassic Bark...

Near the end of Lord of the Rings when everyone bows down to the Hobbits... dammit I can't even think about it without getting chocked up.

I was watching Braveheart on TV the other night and found I still get choked up when William Wallace screams "FREEDOMM!!" at the end and sees his dead wife smile just before his head gets cut off.

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but the missus loves Broadway Musicals and drug me to Les Miserables. There's a part of the musical where a little French partisan named Gavroche rushes out from the barricades to collect ammunition. He starts singing his little street urchin of Paris fight song when a Royalist sniper takes him out. It's actually a very sad scene and made me sniffle at the theater, but as I'm writing this I realize it's kind of hilarious.

Marley and Me...

The end of West Wing season 2 where Ms. Landingham suddenly passes away and Bartlett stands at the podium still soaking wet from the rain and stuns everyone by saying he's going to run again. That with the Dire Straits Brothers In Arms playing always chokes me up.

The recent movie that always gets me choked up is In America. I highly recommend it. It's about an Irish immigrant family who move to New York. The parents and their 2 daughters deal with struggling to get established and with the recent death of the youngest child. It has great performances which includes some of the best child acting performances I've ever seen. It was nominated for 3 oscars (best actress, best supporting actor, and best original screenplay). The metacritic description:

"From master storyteller Jim Sheridan comes a deeply personal and emotionally raw tale of a family finding its soul In America. Through the wide-open eyes of two young heroines, Sheridan transforms a devastating human tragedy into a riveting, humor-tinged story about memory, secrets, love, loss, coming together and starting over."


There where a few moments in The Wire that got me choked up too. Most notably the season finale of season 4. Man do i miss that show.