Blood Bowl game Catch-All

Cayne and I played Slap league last night (finally!). It turns out that I basically forgot how to play Blood Bowl and it was an ugly mess.

Yes Grumpy leagues still active, I got busy with some personal stuff and haven't been harassing people enough to get their games in on time. My apologies i will rectify this and start the harassment again.

Ouch. That was two beat downs in back to back games by Grumpicus.
He had me so rattled in the second game that in the second half I had set up what would of been the greatest offensive series ever seen in Blood Bowl history. What happened, you ask? Well, I moved all my players and conveniently forgot to send one of them to pick up the ball resting lazily near my own endzone.
My own stupidity combined with me not really understanding how Dark Elves are supposed to be played lead to his Dwarves, for two consecutive games, not leaving one single Dark Elf player standing by the end. Good games Grumpicus, sorry I couldn't put up more of a fight.

So, Cayne and I are on deck to play another scrubs league game. My schedule and his won't intersect until, at earliest, this Sunday. So if the league is waiting on us to advance, go ahead and skip it. I'll take a loss or a tie or whatever.

I wouldn't forsee it being a problem, we're all distracted by Steam sale madness

Oddly, I've only bought a copy of Bastion for a gift. I think there may be something wrong with me.

Man it's been way to long since i've done one of these.

[color=#FF0000][size=20]Iron League Finished[/color][/size]
Accepting new teams, only two teams currently in the league right now, come on guys let's get some good high value teams in here!

Champion: Snorri's Slayers (Coached by Prozac)

[color=#CC9966][size=20]Slap League Day 5[/color][/size]

Grumpicus VS MN Gwinn

[color=#CC9966][size=20]Tickle League Day 3[/color][/size]

Onewild VS Chabuda
Horatio VS Peedmyself
tboon VS Nitesabre

[color=#307830][size=20]Scrubs League Day 4[/color][/size]

Horatio VS Peedmyself (DOUBLE HEADER!!!)
Prozac VS Cayne (oh lord)

Horatio and I got our Tickle game in this weekend. I prevailed 1-0 in a mostly uneventful game. I was up 1-0 at the half, then spent the rest of the game getting pushed farther and farther back into my own zone with the ball. He knocked out my beast in the first turn of the 2nd, which wound up being a big problem. Only one injury between the two of us. All of my SPP went to a rotter. :/

Gwinn, find me on Steam.

Sorry Cayne, I keep missing you.

No worries, anytime you see me online just ping me.

Nitesabre? Paging Nitesabre...

Edit: anyone know how to get hold of him? Site search has failed me (yet again). Steam name? Anything?

When i get in front of a my PC with steam i'll get you his steam profile.

Cayne wrote:

When i get in front of a my PC with steam i'll get you his steam profile.


Grumpicus and I went 1-1 in our Slap league match, which I'm surprised by. I was down a couple of good players, but my Witch Elf managed to pick off a pass and run it in for a touchdown.

Slaps been advanced.

[color=#FF0000][size=20]Iron League Finished[/color][/size]
Accepting new teams, only two teams currently in the league right now, come on guys let's get some good high value teams in here!

Champion: Snorri's Slayers (Coached by Prozac)

[color=#CC9966][size=20]Slap League Day 6[/color][/size]

Cayne VS MN Gwinn
Prozac VS Grumpicus

[color=#CC9966][size=20]Tickle League Day 3[/color][/size]

Onewild VS Chabuda
tboon VS Nitesabre

[color=#307830][size=20]Scrubs League Day 4[/color][/size]

Horatio VS Peedmyself (DOUBLE HEADER!!!)

Got my scrubs game in against Prozac... by turn 4 it was clear that i wasn't going to win as I had an Ogre injured out, and two more snotlings KO'ed and Prozac had a commanding field position... so we tried something different. Is it possible to injure so many players that the team has to forfeit... the answer still eludes us as he was able to injury all but 4 of my players but the rain made picking up the ball so tricky that the game still ended in a tie... a bloody bloody tie, that Peedmyself will be able to take advantage of next we meet as i have 3 players out with injuries.

So keep getting those matches in and let's keep this thing rolling.

**EDIT** Tboon did you get nitesabre added to your friends list, he's in the GWJ Blood bowl group so that's probably the easiest way to find him, otherwise contact me when you see me online and i'll send his info to you.

Speaking of bloody ties in the rain, Gwinn and I had the same thing happen last night in Scrubs. Dwarves vs Khemri in the rain. Lots of bashing, no scoring. 0-0 tie.

Horatio and I tried to get our scrubs game in a while back, but it hasn't happened yet. I'll have another chance this weekend, and I'm off work most of next week, but if you want to advance things I don't mind taking a loss here. I've been mostly unavailable until it's been too late for EST.

It's all good.

Hey guys i want to get a concensious i think having both the Slap and Tickle leagues has dilluted the player pool too much. I think after this season we should slim down the leagues again so more people are in a single league allowing for more varied matchups over the season rather than playing the same people twice back to back. What do you think?

Perhaps a single Slap & Tickle League (NO TV limits), Scrubs League (TV 1000 cap), and Iron League (1500 minimum TV)?

I'm good whatever the decision, Anything involving more frequent games is a good thing. I feel like Blood Bowl is losing an awful lot of steam lately.

Yeah, I feel like I'm playing the same three people over and over again, and I frequently have two games to schedule with them. When I only overlap with someone a night or two a week, and we have two games scheduled, it's really hard to be prompt.

It would be nice if coaches could have multiple teams in a league. Another option is we en-masse invade another league that's already decently sized and just discuss our matches here?

**Edit** Should i just blow up all the leagues now and restart everything so we can stream line everything?

I'm good with whatever, but getting more action is a good thing.

Horatio's MIGHTY bondage-themed dark elf team trounced my goblins 2-1 today. He lead 1-0 at the half, with a couple of men down to injury. I lost my pogoer to a self-inflicted, pogo-related wound. I briefly had my bombardier and looney on the pitch at the end of the half, but they were both knocked out (more about that below).

Horatio's elves knocked me around pretty well as I started the second half on offence, despite the best goblin-based cage imaginable. Fortunately, a troll threw the ball carrier to safety who promptly ran it in to tie the game. Unfortunately it was sooner than I would have liked, as Horatio had enough time to run the ball in on the last round. This happened with an assist by my bombardier, who blew up one of the few defenders that had a chance to get in the way. If I got SPP for that, he'd be level three or four.

Another fun game as always, with the exception of the time when I started the game setting up for the wrong side of the ball and wound up getting cornholed by Prozac.

On another note, I had two secret weapons knocked out at the end of the half. I had two bribes, and thought I could bring them both back. Both bribes got used on the bombardier, and I lost the looney. I don't know if that's because you can only bribe for one guy at a time, or if it was because they were both knocked out and it's bug, but that's something to keep in mind. I'll look into it, but if anyone knows post it here!

I think the Scrubs week can be advanced now.

I'm going to let the leagues finish out then i'll figure out a league streamline so we can have more varied matches in the future... maybe only one race team per league? reject other coaches with duplicate races... nah that doesn't seem like a good idea does it?

[color=#307830][size=20]Scrubs League Day 5[/color][/size]

Horatio VS MN Gwinn
peedmyself VS Cayne
Grumpicus VS Prozac

Okay this thread has gotten seriously too quiet. I'm going to terminate all leagues this weekend and accept applications for teams into the combined S&T league (Any TV value), and a scrubs league (TV 1000). We need to get people playing against lotsa different folks with good AAR's and chatter about the game again. So if you want some last minute games in get them in now, or throw them into the Open league for a week (two week registration period then we go!)

Couple more months and I think I'll be able to get in a game a week. We're getting there.