Versus! Which one?

Hi all.

I have been thinking about getting my wife a netbook. You know, just for surfing, facebooking and watch videos online also perhaps, managing photos and her Zune. I like the price point -- ~$300.00 and she likes the size.

But Microcenter has a decent sale on cheap laptops. They have a cheap eMachines one for $300. It certainly is not fancy, but it would do the job.

So, what would you choose? For the laptop, I like the idea that it has a bigger screen and double the memory- but for what it is used for would it really matter? Does anyone have a netbook and can tell me of their experiences?

Below are the requisite choices:


Not looking at the specific specs, I'd only get a netbook if she'll be hauling the netbook with her everywhere. That's the real selling point. She can drop the netbook in her purse and carry it. If she's won't be taking it everywhere, the bigger screen and keyboard will be nicer.