The Official Trading Post

Mayfield wrote:


I PMed you about this!

Trading Post FTW!


Up for trade/sale:
Golden Sun (GBA)

Looking for:
Legend of Zelda - Link to the Past (GBA)

Up for trade: Indigo Prophecy (XBox)

For trade disks and manuals no boxes:

Sims 2 DVD w/case PC

Doom 3 PC

whaddya got?

Sesos wrote:

Sims 2 DVD w/case PC

PMed you.

Fall Cleaning -

Looking to trade in bulk for one or two more recent items the following PC Games. Most games come without box or directions, but all come with appropriate CD-Key -

UT 2k4
Battlefield Vietnam
Dungeon Keeper 2
Mechwarrior Vengeance
Europa Universalis
Alpha Centauri
No One Lives Forever 2
Age of Empires 2
C&C Red Alert 2
Age of Mythology
Black and White (1)
Empire Earth 2
Warcraft 3

Looking for newer release PC titles or PS2 titles.

Looking to trade or sell (make offer). All in good condition and have instruction booklets, except for Battle Realms, which didn't come with one.

Bard's Tale (Xbox)
Battle Realms (PC)
Baldur's Gate, Dark Alliance (XBox)

Accepting some reasonable offers for Metal Gear AC!D for PSP.'s SOLD to the big hairy ape!

Elysium wrote:

Europa Universalis
No One Lives Forever 2

I'm interested in these. What's on your "I'd like" list?

I have "Stubbs the Zombie" on XBOX and would like to trade it for another new release, such as FEAR, Farcry Instincts, or X3 or even something older like a legit Symphony of the Night.

Looking for :
Vampire: Bloodlines

Have to trade:
Sims 2 (PC-cd version)
Chaos Theory (PC)
Fable: Lost Chapters (PC)
Nintendogs Lab (DS)
Painkiller (PC)
Super Smash Bros. (GC)
Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich (PC)
Mario DS (DS)-no case but have instructions
Jade Empire LE (Xbox)
PoP: Warrior Within (Xbox)

Thank you for any interest. All games have boxes and instructions unless noted.


Here are a few goodies I've got no use for anymore. These are a bit old; feel free to request multiple games for a newer title.

Alpha Centauri
Galactic Civilizations
No One Lives Forever 2
GTA: Vice City
Serious Sam
Rallisport Challenge

I'm looking specifically for Sims 2 (CD) for the PC, F.E.A.R. (CD), and Paper Mario for the GC, but I'm willing to hear all offers.

This is old stuff indeed, but work with me...

I have copies of Pirates! for PC (the most recent one) and Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries sitting around in my room, gathering dust.

For XBOX I also have Mercenaries, Star Wars: Republic Commando and KillZone for the PS2.

If a trade for any of these interests you, i'm game. I'm looking mostly for XBOX and PC titles, and am available to just about anything, granted of course, that it catches my fancy.

Since I am finding myself with very little time to play it anyway, I am hereby offering for your attention:

[color=Blue]Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PC-CDROM)[/color]

Call now and receive a copy of BF2 Prima Strategy Guide absolutely free (a $14.99 value!)

Well, my PS2 is long dead, and I've decided that instead of picking up a used one, I'll just make do with my Xbox until the X360 is released, leaving me with a pretty sizeable list of game titles that I'm willing to trade off.

Please note that I can NOT check to make sure any PS2/PSX games are still completely playable, although all of the games were playable last time I opened their cases. I will run each game that I trade away through a DVD cleaning kit. Xbox games are guaranteed to be in fully working condition.

Each game comes with the original retail box and manual, unless otherwise noted.


Devil May Cry
Monster Rancher
Dynasty Tactics 2 (I have a sealed copy of this, as well as a used copy)
Samurai Warriors
NCAA Football 2k4
Madden 2k4
Shaun Palmers Pro Snowboarder
Dark Cloud - (the game case for this is in poor condition)
Dark Cloud 2 + Strategy Guide
The Getaway
Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
Hot Shots Golf 3
Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
SMT: Nocturne (missing audio CD, but if it's wanted I'll go through my CDs and try and find it)
SMT: DDS (Including audio CD and Box for DDS1&2)
.hack// (all 4 games in series - infection, mutation, outbreak, quarantine w/liminality anime DVDs)


Bard's Tale (Retail box in poor condition)
SW: KotOR 2

PSX: (I'm going to dig through the attic to find my old PSX to test these three out)

Xenogears (Near perfect condition still)
FF Tactics (CD Only, scratched a bit)
Tactics Ogre (CD in jewel case w/original front/back covers. No manual. CD is scratched.)
Breath of Fire 3 (CD Only)

I am looking for newer Xbox/PC games. Specifically The Warriors (XBX), BF2 (XBX), Indigo Prophecy (XBX _or_ imported PC version), Call of Cthulu (XBX), Stubbs the Zombie (XBX), F.E.A.R. (PC), W40k:DoW+WA (PC), Psychonauts (XBX), Fatal Frame 2 (XBX), SSX On Tour (XBX), and Dynasty Warriors 5 (XBX)

I would also be interested in original copies of the following older PC games: Grim Fandango, System Shock 2, Call of Duty, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, The Longest Journey, Planescape: Torment, Space Rangers 2, and Gothic 2 (would prefer Gold).

Oh, and just about any DS title. PM me if you want anything on the list

Gorilla.800.lbs wrote:

Since I am finding myself with very little time to play it anyway, I am hereby offering for your attention:

[color=Blue]Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PC-CDROM)[/color]

Call now and receive a copy of BF2 Prima Strategy Guide absolutely free (a $14.99 value!)

What are you looking for in exchange?

Demiurge wrote:
Gorilla.800.lbs wrote:

[color=Blue]Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (PC-CDROM)[/color]

What are you looking for in exchange?

Sorry, didn't make it clear:

1. Cash!
2. God Of War (PS2), perhaps, for when I get me a PS2.

My Game Sale

All titles include shipping to USA/Canada


Silent Hunter III-$25
City of Heroes (Never Played)-$25
Jane's F15-$10
Baldurs Gate 2 and Strategy Guide-$25
Rainbow Six Raven Shield + Athena Sword expansion-$15


Splinter Cell Chaos Theory-$25
Jade Empire LE-$25

Email me with offers
[email protected]

Might as well put these up here, in case anybody wants them. If not, to the EB credit-hole they go! All games are used, but include boxes, manuals, etc, unless otherwise noted. All work perfectly.

[color=blue]GAMES I'M SELLING/TRADING:[/color]

Katamari Damacy

Viewtiful Joe
Zelda: The Wind Waker

1 XBox Controller S (used but in good condition)
Crimson Skies[color=red]*[/color]

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (PC)
Tribes: Vengeance
Serious Sam (No manual)[color=red]**[/color]
Oni (No manual)[color=red]**[/color]

[color=red]*[/color] - Came with my XBox Live bundle. Has a manual. Not a real XBox Jewel case. Cheap.
[color=red]**[/color] - These two games were part of an "Action Pack" bundle, so they don't have the proper silk-screening on them, nor to they include jewel cases (though I'll provide generic ones.) I'll sell these seperately, but if you want them as a pair, I'll do that too, for a group discount. :p

[color=blue]GAMES I WILL TRADE FOR:[/color]


Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Rogue Leader

Otogi 1 or 2

Fallout 1 and 2 <--WANTED


[edit] - List updated
[edit] - Again

Morrolan, I want Ikaruga...badly

Actually, I'll just PM, but I wanted to try and call dibs!

Anyone want a copy of Civ IV, cheap? I'm looking to trade or sell! PM me if you're interested.

Prederick wrote:

Anyone want a copy of Civ IV, cheap? I'm looking to trade or sell! PM me if you're interested.

just pm'd u,

I've got a mint condition, PAL copy of FarCry:Instincts that needs a new home. Cash or trade - let me know what you have. I can take PAL PS2, XBOX and 'Cube games and PC titles (though I have an old PC).

Just a quick note, leaving the games up here for another two or three days, then I'm packaging them and dumping them on ebay.

So far Disgaea is the only claimed game on the list. Accepting cash and willing to look over games lists (xbox/pc) in trade.

Mmm burritos, I saw you're looking for System-Shock 2. That's abandonware and you can get it at the home of the underdogs.

Yeah, I have the software, but I'm a collector as well as a gamer. I have most of the games I truly loved in their original packaging still - all of the Ultima's (including Ultima 6 with one of the original contest moonstones), Fallout 1 & 2, the Thief games, Suikoden games (1 & 2), etc, all in perfect condition with everything all the way down to their registration cards.

I'm missing full copies of a handful of games that have long since gone abandonware or that I'm just plain missing, and trying to get my hands of them again

I'm feeling it's my duty to save relationships, therefore I offer to remove the addiction that's destroying your family life. That's right, I'll take Civ IV off your hands for you. Help me to help you. No I won't trade one addiction for another, I will however send you cash so that you can take the poor neglected family somewhere. Do something nice for them. They deserve it.

Barely used copy of Civ IV (Regular Edition), perfect condition. Looking for cash ($30.00). Act now, and I'll throw in a copy of Polarium for the Nintendo DS!

Edit: Spoken For...that was fast:)