The Official Trading Post

Nothing to see here, move along.

Selling an Apple M1 Macbook Air. 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD in space gray. In good condition.

$625 with $20 shipping.

Selling my 256 GB Steam Deck + 1TB SanDisk Extreme SD card - $400 OBO.


For Chicagoland goojers: Selling a bunch of baby stuff. birth-4 years. High chair, car seat, etc. I know Facebook Marketplace is probably my best bet but if you're close to Chicago and are expecting or have a young child, DM me. Doesn't hurt to put it here.

I'm about to buy a Flex Mini switch and another 8 port PoE switch along with another access point. Before I do, let me know if you have any UniFi switches or APs you want to unload.


The Why:
I was given a few pieces of network equipment from a friend and I'm going to replace my network with them. They are all Ubiquiti devices:
- 8 port PoE (Gen1) switch
- UniFi USG
- UniFi AC-Lite

PS4 Pro with 2 controllers - $200 plus shipping of buyer’s choice

Switch Lite - Blue - $150 plus shipping of buyer’s choice

Anbernic RG35XX retro emulator handheld - $60 plus shipping of buyer’s choice

Google Nest indoor/outdoor wireless camera - $100 plus shipping of buyer’s choice

Selling a Ryzen 3700x CPU with stock cooler (3700x came with the good stock cooler of it's generation). US$100 shipped.
It's used but in excellent condition, it overclocks nicely with low temps (i used precision boost overdrive in my bios). most of the time it topped off in the 70s (celsius) under max load. I don't think it ever got above 80 even under stress tests. If you want, I'll throw in a tube of coolermaster thermal paste (unopened) if you want it. I also have the Motherboard mounting hardware if desired.

I cleaned the CPU and cooler with a commercial thermal paste remover and it seems nice and shiny to me.
The cooler might need a little extra cleaning in the fins, but i ran out of canned air doing the initial cleaning and my vacuum can't manage the last bits. If i can get my hands on more canned air before I ship it I'll give it another few passes.

Get a Datavac Computer Duster. Fearsomely powerful and lasts forever. It'll pretty much blow the peel off an orange.

FS: Persona 5 Royal for the Switch - $45 shipped

It is on sale at Steam so I am going to jump to that platform.

PM me if your insterested

FS: 8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller - $45

This is the one that does bluetooth and 2.4 so it will work with the steam deck or the Switch.