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I have a pretty brand new PNY GF 6800GT 256mb AGP card for sale for $270 shipped to you (USA only)

Sold! Anyone interested in a copy of Fable (factory sealed)?

For trade
PC - Fallout1/Fallout2 Dual Jewel Pack
PC - Rise of the Triad - jewel case only, some ""special"" edition version.
PS2 - Tony Hawk 4
PS2 - NASCAR Thunder 2004(last year''s game, Tony Stewart cover, IIRC)
PC - Delta Force(just ""Delta Force"", no blackhawks falling down and unable to get up, no box, just jewel case and manual I think, assuming I can find this one again)
PC - Ghost Recon(OEM, disc only - is it kosher to trade OEM discs?)
PC - Morrowind (""small"" box, whatever you call those)

Wish list
Rome: Total War
Katamari Damacy
Whirled Peas

I have the following for trade

[color=blue]PC Games[/color]...(Assume no boxes and no manuals.. I tossed them all in a fit of cleaning)
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
Diablo II
Baldur''s Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal
No One Lives Forever: Game of the Year Edition
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.''s Way
Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
Total Annihilation
Quest for Glory V
Aliens vs Predator
Aliens vs Predator 2
The Wheel of Time
Throne of Darkness
Return to Wolfenstein
Dungeon Siege
Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance
Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries
You Don''t Know Jack Volume 3
Quake III: Arena and Quake III:Team Arena

[color=blue]Gamecube Games[/color]...with boxes and manuals
NFL Blitz 2002
Red Faction II
Star Wars Bounty Hunter
Super Mario Sunshine
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

[color=blue]Xbox Games[/color]...with boxes and manuals
Max Payne
Ghost Recon (Tom Clancy''s)
Oddworld Munch''s Oddysee
James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire
TimeSplitters 2
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Splinter Cell (Tom Clancy''s)
Brute Force
Azurik: Rise of Perathia
Medal of Honor: Frontline
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Robotech: Battlecry

[color=blue]Things I want:[/color]...I''m willing to offer multiple old games for newer ones...
UT2k4 - PC
Chronicles of Riddick - Xbox
Price of Persia - Xbox
Ninja Gaiden - Xbox
Warhammer 40K - PC
Silent Scope with rifle thing - Xbox
Half-life 2 - PC
Elmopaluza (for my son!) - DVD
Kill Bill 1 - DVD

Heatware ID is painthappens

Thanks again GG, I can''t thank you enough!

For Trade:

[list]*Commandos 2 (sealed) [color=red]SOLD[/color]
*Fallout 1/2 combo (sealed)
*Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel [color=red]MISSING[/color]
*Diablo 2
*Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction
*Jedi Knight 2
*Quake 2
*StarCraft Brood War Exp
*StarCraft Retribution Exp
*Giants: Citizen Kabuto
*Sim Tower
*WarCraft 3
*Frozen Throne Exp
*Jedi Academy
*Escape from Monkey Island
*Sam and Max talkie version (Win XP compatible) [color=red]SOLD[/color]
*Office XP
*UT2003 CD Key
*Duke Nukem 3D
*Deus Ex [color=red]SOLD[/color]
*Battlefield 1942
*Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome
*Once Upon a Knight
*Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe
*Soldier of Fortune 2
*Hitman 2
*Medal of Honor: Allied Assault [color=red]MISSING[/color]
*Ghost Recon
*All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro [color=red]SOLD[/color]

[list]*R-Type Final
*Metal Gear Solid 2
*Madden 2002
*The Documents of Metal Gear Solid 2
*Silpheed: The Lost Planet (unkown but good)
*Final Fantasy X
*Twisted Metal Black
*Madden 2001

[list]*Phantasy Star Online
*Fable [color=red]SOLD[/color]
*SplinterCell Pandora Tomorrow
*Dead To Rights (Sealed)
*Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance (sealed)

[list]*Front Mission 3 (with guide)
*Dragon Ball GT Final Bout (Japanese. Comes with boot loader)
*Metal Gear Solid
*Xenogears (with guide)
*CTR: Crash Team Racing
*Castlevania Symphony of the Night
*Vagrant Story

[list]*GBA SP Platnium System (w/ leather glove and charger)
*2x GBA to GameCube link cable (one sealed)
*Golden Sun [color=red]SOLD[/color]
*Legend of Zelda
*Pokemon Pinball (GBC)
*Will throw in Nintendo Lanyard

[list]*SOCOM 2 Beer coozie
*StarCraft Ghost mouse pad
*Sealed Disc Doctor
*Limited Edition Soul Calibur 2 art books x10
*Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight
*Final Fantasy 11 mouse pad
*Battlefield Vietnam Sountrack
*Panzer Dragoon Orta
*Final Fantasy N Generation Offical Best Collection
*The Best of Lucasarts Original Soundtracks
*Gunvalkyre Offical Soundtrack
*Virtua Fighter 4 Offical Soundtrack
*Sonic Adventure 2 Offical Soundtrack
*Icewind Dale Offical Soundtrack
*XIII Offical Soundtrack
*Making of Homeworld 2
*True Crime Uncovered
*Halo 2 Icon Tee Shirt (Size L)
*Halo 2 Icon Tee Shirt (Size XL)
*White Xbox Tee Shirt (Size L)
*Xbox Live Tee Shirt (Size L)
*Xbox Live Tee Shirt (Size XL)
*Xbox T-shirt (size L)
*Xbox T-shirt (size XL) [color=red]SOLD[/color]
*MegaMan 15th Anniversary blue polo shirt (Size XL) x2
*Dead to Rights T-Shirt (Size XL)
*Rouge Ops T-Shirt (Size XL)

*Shinobi T-Shirt (Size XL)
*Max Payne 2 T-Shirt (Size XL)
*PlayStation bar sign Link 1 Link 2 [color=red]NEW[/color]

[list]*Meet the Parents
*Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker
*Perfect Blue
*The Duel
*Yu Yu Hakusho The Beasts of Maze Catle (Autographed)
*Ghost in the Shell
*Vampire Hunter D Special Edition
*Demon City Shinjuku
*Princess Mononoke (widescreen)
*Akira (widescreen)
*Red vs Blue Season 1
*Red vs Blue Season 2

[list]*Game Posters (PM me with your list and condition)
*Halo 2 action figures
*Game polo or t-shirts (size XXL)
*A reason to play my unused PS2
*Dell UltraSharp 2001FP 20.1"" Digital LCD
*A bachleor degree in IT with my name on it (could be written in but must look real)[/list:u:906af230ba]

For sale/trade:

Doom 3 for PC

PM me if you are interested.

SOLD! Enjoy Mateo!

[size=18][color=blue]Slambie''s Bargain Bin Bonanza[/color][/size]

The slambie shop doors have been closed. Thanks to all of you who bought games! I''ll be logging into to Heatware sometime this weekend (10/30-10/31) to leave feedback for everyone.

Heatware ID: GWJslambie

Um, I''ll put my list back up eventually, but for now it''s all off the market again.

But still thanks for that info Edwin. I bookmarked that. Didn''t know you could do it that way. Didn''t want to clutter the thread with another post though

Just a tip Thin_J, but you can now buy postage and stuff online. All you need is the wieght and box to ship it in. I use it for all my ebay stuff. Link

If you ship via USPS, they will send you packaging for free.
My wife has boxes and boxes of ... well, boxes. And bags. All official USPS shipping ""containers"" they sent to her. (She''s starting a soap business.)

Anyone want a Gamecube? I have a perfect condition purple Gamecube with all original packaging and accessories (controller, cables, etc...). I also have a Wavebird controller is like-new condition. Say $75 shipped for both, or $60 for the system, $20 for the Wavebird? My Paypal account is waiting!

Oh yes, I also have Simpson''s Road Rage for the GC, I will let go for $10 shipped if anyone wants it.

Man, I would kill to get Slambie''s Thief: Deadly Shadows but my gaming budget is overdrawn right now...

I have the following games to trade/sell: Temple of Elemental Evil, Silent Storm, Icewind Dale II, FreeLancer, Star Trek Elite Force+ Expansion.

A brand new listing!!!

* Call Of Duty (PC)
* Call Of Duty United Offensive Expansion Pack (PC) - [color=red]neue![/red]

With my sweet little ol'' PC having crashed, I am sure I am not going to play it soon. Own both pieces of software for one extremely low monthly charge of $25, with USPS Priority Shipping anywhere to USA included gratis of charge!

Supplies are very limited, act now, or else!

/edit: Totally SOLD to Podunk.

[color=red]SOLD[/color] Nothing to see here. Move along.

Edwin why must you tease with stuff like this?

Because I love you.


New item up for sale. D-Link DP-311U Wireless 2.4GHz (802.11b) Print Server

Hey Edwin - How much do you want for your GBA Golden Sun?

Also -- I''m seeking a copy of Tactics Ogre for the GBA. I will give someone money for this. Please let me know if you have a copy.

(Funny story -- I bought a copy on Ebay last week...I''m 90% sure that it''s totally counterfeit. The manual is missing several pages. There''s a typo on the cartridge label, some weird glitches in the game. That fact that it shipped from Hong Kong should have tipped me off.)

Anyone have Starcraft and or Brood War? I have a list of things I''ll offer if you do. But no ""favors"". Those are reserved for Edwin.

Well WoW has me in the Warcraft mood again. Anyway selling Frozen Throne cheap?

"Grumpicus" wrote:

Well WoW has me in the Warcraft mood again. Anyway selling Frozen Throne cheap?

GoGamer has it for < 10 bucks.

Edit: Apparently GoGamer links only dump you to the front page. You''ll have to go it alone from there, comrade.

Edit2: In response to the post below: No sweat, Grumpi.

$11.89 with Dirt Cheap shipping. Thanks!

Gone - sold in less than an hour on eBay!

If anyone''s interested in picking up a barely used Halo 2 Limited Collectors Edition for $50 shipped via USPS w/in US (including the 2 months free XBox Live coupon and all manuals/etc., payment via PayPal) let me know. I''ll be putting it up on eBay on Friday-ish otherwise.

I''d put it up for trade, but I''m saving up for WoW.

Swampy, YGPM re SC and BW.

Updated some of my previous listings.
Also added this to eBay.
Dazzle Hi-Speed Universal 8-in-1 USB Digital Media Read

Anyone interseted in Halo2 CE ? $50 shipped


Nevermind, the clerk at Best Buy bought my story and took it back. I bought Pirates! with the store credit.


Also updated my previous listings so please check those again.