Champions Online Catch-All


I haven't yet seen a catch-all for Champions, so as a fan I thought I'd kick something off. It's marketting is very low profile at the moment, so I wouldn't be surprised if no ones heard about it. A very quick overview;

  • A new super hero game made by Cryptic Studios, published by Atari.
  • It's an MMO.
  • It will be released initially on PC, followed by a 360 release (the aim is for both platforms to play together).
  • Available as a digital download from 1st September 2009.

Now some features to get you interested.

  • A next generation character creation. All geometry can have different "materials" set for them; leather look power armour? Chrome chest? They can also have bump mapping applied over the texture. An insane bonkers number of options.
  • Travel powers from level 5.
    • Rocket boots. 5 press mechanic; one press, hover mode, second press, flight; the remaining are speeds up. Go too fast too quickly and the boots can blow!
    • Flight. Change effect; so Human Torch like flight etc. Hold to charge for a strong launch from the ground (crouch and leap!). Drop from altitude for a PBAE knock back!
    • Ice Slide.
    • Swinging
    • Super Jump.
    • Super Speed.
    • Tunnelling.
    • Teleportation.
    • More! (see Nexus's FAQ below).
  • Side kicking and Mentoring is back. That lets you play with your friends regardless of level and still have challenge / reward! Yay, an MMO where you can play with friends!
  • One world server (instanced zones). No more getting the wrong server, or meeting someone who also plays CO... only to find out they have a level 40 on another server. We can all meet up, regardless of locale. Social gaming FTW!
  • Power selection; no classes. There are a wide selection of thematic power sets (lightning, fire, ice, sorcery, darkness, supernatural, power armour, gadgetry, might, various martial arts etc). You can choose any power from any set to make up your character.
  • Customise your powers. Where they come from (hands, chest, head, weapon), their hue and more with power replacers (crafter or found items).
  • PVP that makes sense.
    • Team vs Team Hero League tournaments, with ladders and rewards!
    • One on one brawler arena.
    • "Apocalypse Scenarios" as hero training. Large scenarios with a theme; the one at ship will be a scenario where heroes have been imprisoned by a rise of supervillains (one team need to escape from a prison, the other team has to stop them).
  • Loot from kills; everything from short term buffs to new items you can equip (show or not show, its up to you).

I won't bore you further, but Nexus on the official forums has done a great FAQ if you want to know more.

I was tempted to gush excessively upon seeing this catch-all, but as someone who played City of Heroes and Villians from launch day until I got tired of what NC Soft was doing with the game, I'm going to spare you good people...

...I'm TEMPTED to link all manner of garbage and relate detailed accounts of my first true MMO "love" and what went wrong with it, and why all my hopes are now heaped upon this game like so many forgotten TaxiBots broken on the ruins of what remains on the Infinity and Virtue servers...

But I shall restrain myself to the following:

I am very, very excited about this game.
I will see you in Millennium City on launch day, venerable GWJers.
*inhuman squeal of glee and anticipation*

I am also tentatively looking forward to this title.

That is all.

Can't proper "cough" from the blackberry. But in the MMO section you will find threads on this game.

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WiredAsylum wrote:

Can't proper "cough" from the blackberry. But in the MMO section you will find threads on this game.

I did search honest! I think all that's required is for a mod to move this to MMO land. I can't see a catch-all for it yet... and it is coming out next month.

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