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Featured Download: Puresim Baseball Now Free
The award-winning sports management franchise is now free.
Published 12 JUN 2009

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> PureSim Baseball Free
Matrix Games (www.matrixgames.com) and Shaun Sullivan (www.suldogstudios.com) are thrilled to announce that the popular baseball management series PureSim Baseball is now available for free! The download of the full free version of the game is available from these mirrors: Strategy Informer, Gamer’s Hell, Patches Scrolls, and Fan Gaming.

Previous owners of PureSim Baseball should download this new free full release to enjoy all the new features and improvements and future updates.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “PureSim Baseball lets baseball fans manage their teams in depth. Whether it’s negotiating trades in the off season or signaling to the first base runner to steal, PureSim Baseball delivers like a 100 MPH fastball! We’ve been happy to work with Shaun Sullivan on two past releases (2005 and 2007) of this great game and we’re pleased to help spread the word about this new free release. Hopefully this will lead to more gamers discovering what a great baseball game this is.”

Matrix Games has made a habit of working with developers and other publishers to make some great games available for free, often in updated or improved releases. Steel Panthers: World at War, Gary Grigsby’s War in Russia, Gary Grigsby’s Pacific War and Titans of Steel are our previous free releases.

The smell of freshly-mown grass mixes with the cracks of bats and the heavy thumps of baseballs hitting mitts. Baseball season is again upon you, and with PureSim Baseball, you can put yourself anywhere - in the stands, in the front office, at the ticket booths or in the dugout... wherever you want to mold the next baseball dynasty.

PureSim Baseball doesn't stop there, though; imagine any and every baseball conversation you've ever had. Ever argue with anyone about how Nolan Ryan might fare throwing to Babe Ruth? Or wonder if the 1947 Yankees could crush the 2000 Yankees? With the incredibly detailed Lahman Database included, you can play or incorporate virtually any team or player that touched the diamond from 1900 through the present!

PureSim Baseball also lets the slugger in you design your own teams and leagues, giving you the opportunity to field a real 'fantasy' team against any opponent in online or offline play. Your players, like your organization, will grow; their skills fluctuate, they age, and eventually, they retire. All the while you pull the purse strings and negotiate the hard contracts that will ensure your dynasty has the power it needs to stay on top. In PureSim Baseball, the only limit is what you can dream.

So, what are you waiting for? Play Ball!

Get more information on PureSim Baseball from its official product page and download the free full version of the game from these mirrors: Strategy Informer, Gamer’s Hell, Patches Scrolls, and Fan Gaming.


Tried it for a few minutes before I went to work this morning. I've had some previous experience with Baseball Mogul and OOTP, and I really appreciate the more refined GUI in PureSim. The game is much prettier from the menu screens to the actual gameplay (I like PureSim's ball projection more than the other games). The ESPN magazine-styled reports are also a nice touch. But I also realize that's not where the tasty bits are for these 'sim' games.

I'm pretty happy with my retail copy of OOTP9 and I'm having a blast managing Pirates' Single-A club. The game is incredibly deep with ratings, stats, financial and roster management. But I can't help to wish for some of PureSim's pretty graphics to be incorporated here.