Blurry/Jagged PS3 graphics on Viewsonic HDTV

Evening GWJ'ers, thought I'd start my first(ish) post here with a bit of a HDTV problem

I've had this problem for a while, even before I got my current HDTV (a 26'' Viewsonic N2635w), while running PS3 games on my 22'' monitor. The PS3 itself is a 40gig I purchased about a year ago.But, basically all of my games, (Uncharted, Resistance, InFamous, MGS4, etc) all appear overly blurry and jagged at 720P and 1080i. I'm outputting the signal via an HDMI cable, made sure I'm using the right resolution on the PS3 settings, adjusted all the settings I could think of on my TV (actually, not very many options: Bright, Contrast, Sharpness).Basically, I'm just looking for some possible ideas as to what's causing this issue. I've been looking around for answers for a bit so I've got a couple of possible answers. One being that [i]I use component cables, the other is that my TV doesn't have 1:1 Pixel Scaling (?) and that's causing the image to stretch and distort.

So forum denizens of GWJ, think you could help me out?

I wouldn't recommend component cables; I tried them very briefly as an alternative to an HDMI to DVI convertor on my old gaming TV, and the result was fairly awful.

In the PS3 video settings you'll want to select ALL the available resolutions your TV supports. If for example you only leave 1080p selected, and the game doesn't render at that resolution, then it'll downscale to the next lowest resolution you have available. In the case of that specific monitor you'll want to have only 720p selected.

Other than that, I don't see what else could specifically be wrong. I'd definitely pick up and HDMI cable and try giving that a try to see if it fixes your problem.

Well, I have been running the PS3 through an HDMI cable this entire time, though when I was using the monitor to run it I was using an HDMI-DVI cable, but throughout both, the picture quality has remained as blurry and as jagged as ever.

Did you make sure you onle have the TV's native resolutions selected? That TV has no scaler in it. So if your PS3 is outputting only at 480 say, it will be horrid looking.

Could that be it? It doesn't have the ability to scale past the naitive? 720P, and 1080i both look about the same in terms of the described quality.