Arma 2 Catch All

Bought the game a month ago, and played the demo lost night. It's looking great, but I too am stricken with the over-the-top amount of mouselag. Heck, I was having a hard time qualifying on the rifle range as it was so easy to overshoot the pop-up-target positions before they dropped.

Tweak time begins in earnest tonight..

I downloaded the demo yesterday and played with it a bit. It looks gorgeous and runs well. I'm not noticing any problems with mouse lag like some of you, running around 50-55 FPS with most of the options turned up high. The one thing that is bothering me a bit is the view controls and FoV. It really feels to me like the game was designed around you having a Trackir system. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if I had one I suppose

As much as I want to jump into some coop games with this, $50 is hard to justify right now. My gut instinct is telling me that this is going to go 50% off on Steam for a weekend within a month or so, they have a strong track record for discounting multiplayer titles soon after release.

Well screw it I bought it.

Wooo! Who's in for some more coop tonight?

So how's multiplayer work on this? I've got the demo, but if I go to join a multiplayer game, I don't see any games listed on the internet. If you guys are cooping tonight are you still on the demo or the full version? Are you gathering on the Vent server or via a steam event or what?

It would be Vent server, the game list worked fine in the demo and should for the full version too. I just bought it through Steam.

Gunner wrote:

So guess how my computer has decided to celebrate the release of this one?


The graphics card died last night! Couldn't have been better timing. Looks like it'll be a little while before I can join in. :(


Certis wrote:

Wooo! Who's in for some more coop tonight?

If my download finishes sometime later this evening, I'm in.

I'm getting the demo right now, but it'll be a while before I can download the full game. Are you guys co-op'ing the demo or the full game?

I totally forgot this was dropping today until I checked this thread. I essentially ran home and threw money at my PC.

Chief Wiggum wrote:
Quintin_Stone wrote:

Yeah, I'll try that out when I get home.

Please report back.

After last night's fiasco with AA3, perhaps the Arma2 demo will suffice?

Runs pretty good. The inertia is something I'm still getting used to. The mouse lag, between my video settings and the max pre-rendered frames set to 1, is pretty much gone.

Server is up:

24 slots

Name: Stans Lounge - GWJ ArmA 2

pw: 'goodjer'

It is setup for PvP MP. I am still figuring out the options. I should be able to config it for CO-OP. I won't be around until later tonight though.

Bought so I can hang. Weird, you think the demo which is 3gig could have been used when you buy the game, looks like it does not.

Downloading A2 now. 2 min. left...c'mon.c'mon.c'mon....

I'll plan to be on around 8PM CST. See you guys then!

Damn you all. I may have to buy this thing tonight.

I picked it up.

God the download is slow.

So I assume some of you will be around this weekend to introduce various parts of my body to various munitions?

Which vent channel are we hijacking since there isn't an Arma one?

Let's take The Hunter channel, seems fitting.

JoeBedurndurn wrote:

Which vent channel are we hijacking since there isn't an Arma one?

Certis wrote:

Let's take The Hunter channel, seems fitting.

I created one.

I am officially way under spec for this game. My Athlon 3400+ and 7600GT are bleeding from every virtual orifice from diddling with the demo. I'll have to wait until my next upgrade cycle.

Bah. I wanted to play this tonight but I got home late, the download is huge and it's downloading slow. Everything went against me tonight.

Well, played for an hour, got shot 5 times after driving forever and never saw an enemy guy much had a chance to shoot someone.

Also, I have a problem in vehicles where the screen just starts saying RECEIVING and goes black but I can still hear all the noises. I have to close it using the control panel.

Off to the official forums...

Now when I go to a map, after I choose my position, my guy says BLUEWINS and I only see the base from skyview and cant do anything at all, but my guy is calling out enemy positions.

I remember why I don't buy new games.

dl'ing demo now. have pre-ordered via amazon. This game is most likely going to be mod heavy, and not sure how the mods will work with steam. besides, i have a $25 gift cert with amazon. see ya'll soon.

Bought it, played a few missions, had an absolute blast. Squad command is still a bit trickier than i'd like, but that's been a "feature" of ARMA for as long as I can remember. I think it's possible to Co-Op regular missions too, so if you're up for it, drop me a line.

Cooped a mission till it kinda bugged or something last night.
Certis, Blob and Tempest were there. I also fell through a floor at one point.

I'm not sure I "get" this game. I keep trying the demo over and over hoping it'll click for me.

And also, is it supposed to be this blurry? My army man needs glasses

Barab make sure your 3d resolution is at least as high as your interface resolution. They called this "fillrate" in the previous release, and nearest I can tell you use this instead of Antialiasing to improve the picture. I've found with a monitor that displays 1920x1200 natively you can run the game at 1600x1200 with 100% fillrate (3d resolution) and it will still look great. This gave me an extra 12-15fps over my native res.