Awesomeness in a Bottle: Dungeon Fighter Online

Old school 2d brawler like Golden Axe or Knights of the Round except in an MMO with class progression, leveling, and gear!

And its going to be F2P. Its from the Maple Story developers.

Woo! I can't wait.

edit: more info

This does sound positively awesome. I loved Knights of the Round and currently do love Castle Crashers. This sounds like it could be that good with the added benefits of MMO.

Benefits can be substituted for drawbacks depending on your opinion of the MMO genre.

Ohhh this looks like it has many possibilities!

As long as they don't pull this typical BS with brawlers, they should do just fine:

The boss that takes forever to kill and then at 5% health, heals to full if you miss the 1 second interrupt window.

The boss that takes forever to kill that upon death spawns into 8 more forms/sub-bosses.

This one is kinda off the radar, but I am having an absolute blast playing this! It's all those old beat em up arcade games (Golden Axe, Captain Commando, Turtles) with a great RPG leveling system, crafting, grouping, questing . . . This game rocks! I have a very low spec comp and it runs famously! Kinda a big download, like 3 gig I think, but well worth it! This game is so good it's beating out DDO right now for me.

Jerk. I applied to the beta. No reply yet.

its in open beta that ends today.. its cool but awfully low res.. and I can't seem to make it higher.

TheGameguru wrote:

its in open beta that ends today.. its cool but awfully low res.. and I can't seem to make it higher.


Isn't it item mall supported anyway? I'm not sure what the point of an open beta is for a F2P game.

I'm enjoying it well enough for 10-15 minutes at a time. Next time I play I'm going to set up joy2key and see if that helps make it less awkward.

If anybody wants to look me up on there, I'm Manual, a level 5ish priest.

necroyeti wrote:

Next time I play I'm going to set up joy2key and see if that helps make it less awkward.

Before you set up joy2key, you might try using your controller in the "Setup keybinding" menu in the game. I kept reading that it supported the 360 gamepad, but couldn't get it to do anything. Turns out I just had to bind everything manually.

Once you do so, it's a total blast though, and I never felt the pressure to buy anything once (although admittedly, I usually played for about a half-hour at a time)

A friend of mine showed me this game two weeks ago and I must say I'm hooked. It plays very fluidly for a PC-based Action RPG beat-'em-up, although I must admit it gets somewhat grindy (for a beat-'em-up) later on. The PvP is fantastic as well, even if it's a little unbalanced in the NA version. All in all, I'm glad I found this game and I don't plan on quitting any time soon.

If anyone else plays this, feel free to contact me on my Battle Mage (FenixStryk) or my Priest (FenixFytur).

I played the Korean version of this game, and still might, cause the US version is bull. Yes, this is a US only game. Dungeons & fighters (Korean name) was hard to play for me, cause I don't understand Korean, but my friend plays foreign games all the time, so he's used to it. He's also in the betas of DF, somehow, and he says while the Korean game's rates are x1, the US rates, in comparison, are x0.001, and it's a complete grindfest, with no fun at all. It's a totally ruined game. On top of that is the item shop.

Anyone fiddling with this? It's recently gone public.


I'm shocked and saddened by the news, but they're shutting down the North American servers. It won't be available on Steam anymore either.
I know I've only played 3 hours according to my Steam stats, but damn, I was going to get back to it, eventually, my avatar does not nearly look sweet enough.

Perhaps there will be a F2P apocalypse
Looking at the chart in the story is what led me to see that DFO's numbers went to zero all of a sudden, which is explained by the "maintenance" they did earlier this month to prepare for closing down.

Also, Warframe has more people than PS2, but again, these are only the Steam numbers, Planetside 2 is available without Steam, don't know about Warframe.

edit: I will admit to being annoyed that there was no stuff to jump on (I'm more of a Castlevania fan than a Goldenaxe fan). My gamepad is mapped out and everything.