1066: The (Flash) Game

A great change swept over the British Isles in the turbulent year of 1066. Most notably was the decisive Battle of Hastings in which the Anglo-Saxon army led by King Harold II was defeated at the hands of William the Conqueror and his Norman invaders. Channel 4 released a flash game based on this era in support of their new television series 1066.

The game 1066 is easily as addictive as Armor Games' Warfare 1917 but considerably more stylish. The game encompasses strategic movement, quick time events, speed typing challenges, space bar mashing and a system that allows you to control the trajectory of your arrows. Taunting your enemy has never been so much fun.


Thanks to RPS for the find...

Played a game of this with Evilseed yesterday - it was pretty fun. We both just dove in without playing the tutorial, so there are some gameplay mechanics that were mysterious that may be explained if I had taken the time to read the instructions The game is mainly a light tactics with mini-games for fighting. I only had units for the arrow-aiming and melee combat mini-games.

The arrow-aiming portion is like the old "trajectory" games that have been around forever: pick an angle and select how hard to shoot. Definitely requires some practice. Also, if you make a mistake, your arrows can land in your troops and kill them, as I learned the hard way.

Melee combat is a rhythm game with keys moving from left to right that you have to tap at the correct time. Doing a good job makes your forces fight better. Not sure what the real correlation is between successfully hitting keys at the right time and fighting effectiveness: one time I hit every key and only had a "good" result (the game tells you how you did and represents the fight graphically) while another time, I missed a couple but still got a "good" result. So there may be a more complex mechanic of which I am unaware.

The main game is simultaneous turn-based, played out on a grid. Before the battle, you are given points with which to buy units. You then place the units on your side of the battlefield. After giving orders, each unit performs it's action in turn. I did not figure out who gets to perform its action when during the turn, it appeared to be random.

Infantry units can move, fortify, or taunt. Taunting will improve morale; if morale goes too low, the unit will route and exit the battlefield post-haste. If your infantry ends its movement next to an enemy, the melee mini-game will be played. Not sure how the game decides who gets to fight using the mini-game, I think it's the attacker, but not sure of that.
Archers can move, fire, or taunt. Archers may only fire down the row on which they are currently located. When you select the "fire" option, the archery mini-game will be played, as described above.
There is cavalry as well, but I didn't have any so I don't know much about them except that they suck when they charge you.

Our game lasted about 30 minutes, I barely eked out a victory, mainly due to some luck as we were both figuring out the controls. There seems to be a bit of depth to the game such that I will probably play it again to see what else there is to it. There is both single- and multi-player modes. Like I said, this is a pretty fun, low intensity time-killer.

Played it yesterday. Taunt wins. Game over.

Maq wrote:

Played it yesterday. Taunt wins. Game over.


One of my colleagues at work also discovered the "Mavis Beacon loophole." We put a moratorium on taunt spamming when playing against each other.


Just wanted to flag up that Preloaded has another Channel 4 flash game out - Trafalgar: Origins. I've given it a short spin and its good fun. Sort of a Pirates! in miniature, with some very smooth mechanics and RPG elements.

Nice. I love what Channel 4 is doing. I hope teachers pick up on these sorts of modules. I'd gladly do an extra homework assignment in elementary school if it meant I got to play a videogame on the subject matter.