AION: Catch All


Well for those not familiar with this new MMO I will go ahead and post a link to the main site. This is a new one comming out in Sept. and is being done by NC Soft. Yes I know alot of folks rolling thier eyes about now thinking asain grind fest. First off let me say I have played in the chinese open beta and I am now playing in the first NA preview weekend and this is a game that may not have anything revolutionary in it but what they have taken from past MMOs and done here is quite good and is not appearing to be a grind fest. The graphics are very well done and do remind me of L2 but with out the hunched over look. They do have PVE and PVP on all servers but the pvp really doesn't start until around level 20 so no worries of noob ganking. I went ahead and made this thread for those of us doing the preview weekends which you can take part in by either winning a key from a website or by pre-ordering the game. I know it's a little early but at least this way those of us in preview weekends and launch can all figure out how we can meet up in game and hopefully introduce a new MMO for some others to try out.

I want this game tommorow. maybe even now. Sick of western style mmo's atm. Definately waiting for this one!!

Ajari 5 mage

Ijari 6 scout

Djori 4 priest

Man is it too crowded =P

wtb beta ;D

oh my lord im hitting game stop in the morning.

im gonna go down to gamestop tommorow. is there a download i can start tonight?

Yea that's why i was hoping you would go tonight. You have to have a key to get to the download page and register it first. If you have a decent connection will take a few hours so make sure and be banging on the doors at Gamestop first thing tomorrow and pray they have some left!

all gamestops near me are out /sigh

Uggh well I know it won't help for this weekend but if you pre-order at Gamestop online they will email you a code and that will get you in the rest of the preview weekends and early access at launch. I think it takes a few days for them to email the code but I know they are mailing them out according to what folks are saying on the beta boards.

Well Mynril I would get the pre-order going heh rumor mill says next open weekend will be 19-21 June! Wahoo I know my withdrawls will be kicking in bigtime until that rolls around

Spiritmaster FTW! =)

ok great thanks shadow.. will do!

fangblackbone wrote:

Spiritmaster FTW! =)

Hmm I haven't tried one of those yet. I love the damage the sorc does. Does the pet class work well ..... may have to turn my mage into one today before the fun ends. BTW the devs said any char we create during the preview weekends may not be deleted. What they may do is use them for testing purposes and say for example turn all our chars into level 30 toons for pvp testing next time around. They will of course go away before launch but man thats awesome we might get to try different classes at different levels what a beta concept.

Well its sort of easy mode right now. The fire pet is pretty awesome. Snare, dot, send in fire pet, rinse repeat. Throw in some nukes if you feel like it. You can draw aggro way easily but then you can rest as you send your fire guy on someone else with a dot as icing on the cake should it be an even match.

I've got a scout knocking on the door of level 9. At 9 you get a class selection quest that gifts you level 10 and a new class for watching some cinematics and killing 5 monsters. I can't decide whether I'm going ranger or assassin. Lessons learned so far is that the classes that can do significant damage at range have much better survivability. But from reading the Korean and Chinese boards impressions, rangers have expensive needs in equipment and arrow purchasing. On the flip side of the coin, I'm not sure the assassin will do enough if any more dps to offset the need to mix it up in melee. Stealth will certainly be a boon in PVP. No not for ganking but for surviving and gank prevention.

Priests definitely take their time killing things but you will survive a lot of precarious situations with the regens and heal. I think I want to go Chanter, but the Cleric had lightning shooting crystals that looked similar in function to shaman totems in WoW. I can't tell which one is supposed to be more of a dps healer if either. Sure the cleric wears a shield but there are supposedly a lot of shield damage and debuff attacks. Plus they get the lightning shooting summons.

I have little interest in the warriors. I should test one out though because with these games you just never know when they are going to do something uber cool with a traditionally unfun class.

This game looks so sexy. wish i could play the beta, but alas it looks like i'll be waiting till fall

Is this the same Lineage 2 clone with (now with wings!) that we keep trying out, hoping for things to be different? But just finding the same damn grind.

Haha Mynril go bribe the local Game Stop and grab a beta code from them you get them when you pre-order and they work for this weekend :).

ShadowKlr 10 scout
Baltar 7 warrior
Vold 10 mage

So far this is what I rolled today but who knows what tonight and tomorrow will bring!

Tamren wrote:

Is this the same Lineage 2 clone with (now with wings!) that we keep trying out, hoping for things to be different? But just finding the same damn grind.

Well my husband has tried the beta this weekend and he has never been a fan of the asain grind fest games and he likes this one too. His first impression was a Guild Wars 2 feel as far as the animations, movement etc but not the instances. Say what you will but it's the first stress test I have ever been a part of that A) Launched on time and B) Had zero! lag at the moment of launch. The server was full to the brim just ask Fang how crowded noob area was lol.

Is there a healer class?

Inquiring minds want to know.

EDIT: Okay, looking further, it looks like there is a pure healer class which I like already. I was watching some of the videos and it almost looked like there were storyline events a lot like Guild Wars. My girlfriend and I have been playing the hell out of Guild Wars recently because we love the story. If this is a game with a good storyline, we'll be there.

Yes thats one of the things I love about this game they incorporate your character into the story lines just like Guild Wars. So for example when you finish your main storyline quests for the noobie island your character gets a 30sec cut scence portarying them as the hero who saves the day! I can't say enough how well done this game is and really want to get more people playing at release in sept. they have done such a good job.

Got my scout to assassin. Seems ok.

There are 2 healer classes the cleric and chanter. The cleric seems more standard fare healer. The chanter seems like a bard/healer.

And yes, my god the newb area was a complete zoo. It has mellowed out over the weekend, though.

I went with the chanter. It seems pretty cool so far. I actually took her to the 10+ zone and was having a good time questing with her.

I though the beta was going to end at 7 pst but its still going on. I made a warrior and got her up to almost 6.

I pre-ordered on gamestop over the weekend. I hope as some point they email me something to get in on these betas.. in my experience with gamestop, they usually drop the ball on that kind of stuff.

I only made it to level 10 over the weekend, but I didn't see much that was different. It was fantasy beautiful, lots of colors, but nothing awe-inspiring yet.

I made it to Templar, then tried out a Mage for 3 or 4 levels and I couldn't get past the downtime. What do you do when your mana is drained? I couldn't find pots or anything, certainly not as easy as my fighter bandaging and moving on.

Since this is a closed beta, should we be openly discussing this?

In your skill tab there is a section called actions. One of them is a button called toggle rest.

You actually, at least as far as level 10, regenerate health quite quickly when resting.

I found I was killing stuff so fast and questing so fast as a mage that I didn't need much resting. Either a new level would come and it would gift you to full health and mana, or running back to the quest givers would give me enough mana to get by.

Also the general goods vendor does sell mana and health potions. And I believe at level 9 mages get a spell that gifts them ~200 mana that is on a minute recast timer.

Everyone, so far, at level 10 gets a heal and mana regen skill that uses odella powder. I have no idea what that is but I am guessing its something you can buy from a PvP vendor?

Its interesting. A lot of impressions are mixed but leaning towards negative regarding the beta weekend on the MMO sites. I really think this is major hype readjustment.

I have been paying attention to this game for a while. I wasn"t initially impressed but I heard a lot of trade show game play impressions were positive. "Pretty" doesn't impress me. "Wings" won't even get me to shift in my seat.

It was only recently after watching game play videos on youtube that I became really intrigued by it. The combat didn't look any different mechanically and the classes where not breaking any molds. The combat, aside from way too much kiting, looked good. It looked powerful even at levels as low as the teens. The timings and build ups for the traditional fireball castings looked engaging. Thats when my interest started to simmer. And thankfully the beta weekend popped up on us and I was able to play more than I had expected.

I am also surprised to hear people decrying the game as too easy or easier than WoW. Really? You lose exp on death as early as level 6. Spells, potions and equipment are expensive but not ghastly so. Monsters one level above you will take you down to less than 1/8 health if all of you abilities are not on cool down. If some are you'd better hope for a lucky critical or miss or you are dead. Monsters of even level can take you down below half health and if you are at half, its 50/50 whether you live or die. Mages have about 4-5 seconds to kill a monster that has closed to melee range. No the game is not easy. And there is some exploration required to find off the beaten path quest givers. The areas are just condensed. So you don't have to run around vast plains to find them.

This game is not a WoW killer. So I think anyone allowing themselves to see anything more than a pretty game in the art style of GW, with very much standard conventions, with wings, should have been smarter. If you do decide to recover from the reality check, I think anyone can have fun with Aion.

from what i've been reading.. people think if they dont have talent trees, then it's a dumb downed version of a game/class. I personally miss having one class having one role. And atleast in vanilla wow, a shadowpriest was usually always a shadowpriest etc. People usually stuck with the same spec... as it took alot longer to get 2 sets of gear.. Dual spec is beyond garbage imo. I hate how almost ever class can play every role. Maybe it's the nostalgia for eq1...

Personally I think any game being easier than WoW is impossible.

misterglass wrote:

I only made it to level 10 over the weekend, but I didn't see much that was different. It was fantasy beautiful, lots of colors, but nothing awe-inspiring yet.

I made it to Templar, then tried out a Mage for 3 or 4 levels and I couldn't get past the downtime. What do you do when your mana is drained? I couldn't find pots or anything, certainly not as easy as my fighter bandaging and moving on.

Since this is a closed beta, should we be openly discussing this?

The game released in the asain market in April so I don't think we have crossed any boundry lines that a quick search on google wouldn't result in. I also agree this is now wow killer nor should it be I don't want to play another wow game right now I want something different and so far Aion is doing that for me. I tried almost every class in the 2 betas I have played in and honestly havent found one that I didn't remotely find enjoyable. I tend not to play healers because i'm terrible at them but even at low levels I could run around with my husband on his tank and we could have fun. I know my husband and I will be playing Asmodian at launch so if any others decide to give it a try we should all hook up in game. The next open beta period was confirmed for the weekend of the 19th which will probably be the Asmodian side of the game testing. Mynril I know Gamestop is usually bad with pre-order codes but I have seen alot of folks on the beta boards saying they got theirs already so lets hope

Hey shadow i actually just got my pre-order code and beta access! I am downloading the client now so I will see you on the next beta weekend. I also plan on being asmodian as well. I will definately be playing with you guys at launch.

I was leaning towards Asmodian because I like the darker styling. Also, I recall seeing that Asmodian's get a small natural boost to cast speed as a racial ability. I think Elyos get a small boost to mana pool. Don't quote me on this but there are differences between the two races.

As per the mmo news sites, the next beta starts the 19th and will focus on the Asmodian 1-10 area.

My girlfriend and I will be most likely getting into this game at release. We'll probably just roll with Goon Squad. Might preorder to get beta keys.