Just Cause 2 Catch-All

Oh, hells yeah a Just Cause game that looks like it's set in the past (alternate future past?). Will blow up stuff for food.

Such a good game, and so economically priced during the last sale that I have an extra copy. First PM gets it.

edit: Sold!

Still on sale at Steam - $3. I'm looking forward to playing it.

The multiplayer mod is coming to Steam, with friends list integration. I feel pleasure at hearing this news.

stupidhaiku wrote:

The multiplayer mod is coming to Steam, with friends list integration. I feel pleasure at hearing this news.

This is what was missing from this game in my opinion. Such a great game for a multiplayer setup. Glad it's finally coming. Hopefully if there is a JC3, this will come on it from the start.

Has there been anything to actually do added in the world beyond what's in the base game? Or is it still just load into map and run around blowing stuff up / get killed by griefer?

Glanced at the video and I see a race of some sort... hmm.

Is there a features list somewhere?

If you're looking for organized missions ala GTA Online, I don't think so.

Loaded this up again in my bid not to buy Watch_Dogs until it hits a steep discount. Installed the Island in Chaos mod and a mod that extends the range of the grapple, and it's super crazy. I missed this game -- it's just such dumb fun.

I'm back on Panau, raising hell and ragdolling off mountains while helicopters make pfffffffft pffffffffffffft pfffffffffffffffffft fwooosh BOOM noises at me.

Such a good game. I'm now at 65% completion. Maybe in a few more years I'll actually do a story mission!

79% completion. I did a 10 hour session today and several other multi-hour sessions since the last post and I've only completed 14% more of the game. I've tried other weapons but I keep gravitating to the machine gun, SMG, and pistol. I hate calling in the Black Market dude for ammo. 50,000 for a gun and some ammo, even if delivered, seems needlessly expensive.

Damn my eyes. I started another session. This time I finished up all the faction missions and just rolled the credits. Can I finally put this game down? Tune in next time.

I haven't played for awhile but do love me some JC2. I keep gifting it to people when it goes on sale whether they want it or not. I think I've got 100% on everything except the challenges.
Also, I like how the JC2 map is almost as big as the Candy Crush Saga map.

I haven't played this game in years, but I still think of it every couple of months, when I just get hit with the idea, "I should start playing Just Cause 2 again!" It is such an addictive game. I imagine heroin is something like this for people who have been off it for a while.