[PSP]Crimson Gem Saga any impressions?

I would love a reason to dust off my PSP but there have been quite a few stinkers in the RPG area on the PSP so I thought I would see if anyone has given this a try.

Anyone risk it?

I appreciate how you listed that this forum thread is devoted to a PSP game. Makes it much easier to ignore...in theory =P

I did that so people didn't think I wanted to know about the Mac version.

Hey, stop it. This thread is much harder to ignore when you're talking to me!

Your forum powers have worked! Everyone ignored this thread!

I'm very curious about this game as well. Did any gaming sites review it yet?

I probably trust this site's reviews over any others for RPGs.


I would like to pick it up but

A) I am fairly broke

B) There is a new Shin Megami Tensei game for DS coming this month, so I am saving for that.

Dammit Farley, you keep reeling me back in!!! This thread is a dark hole that I'm strangely attracted to...