Recomend me this Batman! [Sound bar and Mic]

My new monitor has speakers and mic built in - which is OK.
But in vent some people have been indicating that my voice sounds like I'm on a ship-to-shore radio or such. I tried turning the crank a few more times - but to no avail.
Also the 2w speakers are "ok" as well. But I'd like fuller sound - but don't want to get speakers all over the desk etc. I saw altec has one sound bar for the PC and it seem OK.

Any suggestions?

Any mic that will help other people here you better is likely to result in feedback (or at the least it will pick up the game sounds/music and amplify that as well) if you are using speakers with it. I'd suggest you either get a headset or some headphones + desktop mic when playing games with voicechat and save the speakers for when you don't need voice. There are several threads regarding headset suggestions.