Realiable/Affordable Source For Replica MLB Jerseys?

Anyone have any suggestions on places online to buy a quality replica MLB jersey?

So far, I am not too impressed with that I'm finding. The "authentic" models are great, but there's really no way in hell I'm playing $200 for a jersey. The $70-100 "replicas" seem to be missing some of the actual detail of the real jerseys (missing sleeve patches, stripes on the sleeves, etc.), and the names/numbers that are offered seem to be in the wrong colors and fonts to match the official ones.

(just for the record, I'm looking for a Brewers alternate jersey

Are there places you can buy the patches and numbers, etc., and get them sown on yourself?


Outside of Ebay or a flea market, not that I know of. All of the major sports leagues keep a very tight lid on licensing any major store or company that tries to make a jersey or shirt with the logos without the license will be sued out of existence. You may have occasion to say walk through Chinatown, or catch a street vendor. But you are not going to have much luck finding somewhere both reputable and accurate.

there ARE officially licensed "replica" jerseys... the one I linked to above is made by Majestic and is sold through and many other retailers. I've got no problem with the basic design and quality of the Majestic model, but it doesn't have the name/numbers or correct patches. Even with the $20 extra for a custom model (with name and number) you still don't get the sleeve patches or the number on the front of the jersey.

I saw something on ebay where a seller was listing a "patch/name/numbers" kit, but I can't seem to find it any longer.

When I say looking for a reliable source, I'm more asking about honest online retailers that might have them a bit cheaper than the official store.

I've only looked at the ones in a Mariner Store and all the difference I see is the label that says, 'authentic', and the material is slightly less high end poly'. That's it. But I didn't really look it over 'that' close, but that's what I remember. And like the price was less the half the 'authentic' jersey ($79 as opposed to $169).