Random thing you loathe right now.

Sitting in the Home Depot parking lot in a truck with what I assume is a bad shifter or something so it stuck in reverse and I can’t turn it on and the only reason I’m here in the first place is because I messed up drilling a hole for a sink install so I needed to pick up A few things to try and remedy that mistake. Not the best day so far. At least I’m safe and it didn’t go nuts while I was driving on the highway or something I guess.

A previous post I made in the recommend me a sub Reddit thread about the just rolled into the shop sub Reddit is seeming oddly prescient now…
EDIT: Especially cause it literally started to roll a bit jfc what a day lol. Luckily there wasn’t anything behind me.

WellAdjusted wrote:

jfc what a day lol

My brain decided I was going to work on a problem for almost four hours extra after work. Right before a long vacation. Cause damn it I'm close.

I was not close.

Second head cold in under two months. WTF body? I never get sick this close to having recently been sick. Thankfully it’s not Covid (yet, I’ll take another few tests). I also just the booster and flu shot a couple of weeks ago.

I was fine most of the day yesterday. Had dinner and was watching football when and I sneezed a few of times, and then my nose started running and getting progressively worse for next couple of hours.

Professor: Be aware that this online course doesn't lighten up during the holidays, so make sure to schedule yourself enough time to complete all the assignments!

Same Professor: Oh, but of course I won't be available to answer messages over the holiday weekend if you have questions. I'll be taking the weekend off.