Bionic Commando (2009) Catch-All

I missed the original title when I was a kid, and ReArmed didn't do
anything to win me over. By comparison, Konami's Ninja Five-O on
GameBoy Advance had a far more enjoyable implementation of a
grappling hook mechanic. Still, thinking about the (amittedly) limited
fun I had using one in Lost Planet, I remained hopeful that a 3D
update of the swinging, shooting action would be enjoyable.
Anyone else picking this up tomorrow?

Not tomorrow but maybe in a month or two after I've played sacred 2 enough to trade it in.

Arise Oh Thread!

While it's been on my list since release, I just received the new Bionic Commando through GameFly. You know what? It's actually fun. This game got trashed in all the reviews, but I'm just completely enjoying it. It's a true spiritual successor to the original. Difficult controls, funky swinging / platforming, and difficult shooting. Anybody else actually take a play at this bad boy?

EDIT: Just a follow up that I've now been playing this game for about an hour and I'm totally into it. When I said "spiritual successor" I really meant it. Swinging and jumping feels like what Rearmed meant it to feel like in a third person context. Granted, it's totally frustrating. I died 3 times just trying to get to the next waypoint, but when I think about Rearmed and the original, that's exactly what would happen then, too! Honestly, I'm just throwing this out there because a rental, or a borrow from a friend, or a cheap pick up at Ebay, Amazon, or Goozex is all it would take to enjoy this game now. And for the price of my membership, this game is great!

I too enjoyed the gameplay, but the checkpoint system was completely asinine. It's not easy being great at swinging in 3D, so the fact that you usually have to restart the level, and they take away your collection progress, was nonsense. I stopped playing at the hovercraft boss. It's really too bad they didn't have a chance to fix the checkpoints in an update. I really had no problems with the game besides that huge issue.

Edit: Yes, first i necro'd this thread, and now I edit a comment to my own satisfaction. Must be my OCD acting up.

This game is really the epitome of Capcom trial and error. If you can't decipher what the designers intended, it's an instant death, you can't even tell it's coming, but, goodbye. I dislike that instant death immensely, but I can't help but enjoy his game. I have no idea how far I am, but I'm on one of those rolls where I'm not going to stop. I'm just going to push forward and play until I beat this game.

Of course that might be my OCD talking again, or I might just have had too much to drink. Either way, I'm provably going to end up showing up late to work tomorrow.

I played this one through, and really rather enjoyed it. There were definitely some frustrating bits, but it was nice to be challenged for once. Flawed, and certainly not a diamond, but well worth a few quid.