Terry Goodkind is (still) a Jackass

I have never heard of this guy before. I just like reading about how people are Jackasses. Thanks for the warning though. If I ever read a book again it won''t be one of his.

I hope I haven''t just brutalized someone''s favorite author. I just hate to see such sloppiness

Oh, he''s not my favorite author. Not by any means. I enjoy reading his stuff, because it''s simple fantasy fluff. His characters all suffer from ""Heinlein Disease"" (they kick ass, they know they kick ass, and they DARE you to prove otherwise).

but I have read 8 books of Jordan before tiring of the series (weellll... I tired of it before then, but figured he had to go somewhere with the later works. Hah.)


I''m still reading them. Dammit, I want this freaking story to END. So what does he do? He writes book ZERO. He''s written 10 books in this series so far, and we haven''t really scratched the damn surface yet. And don''t get me started on his predilection with the female vs male gender war. Jeez. Grow the hell up, please.
So, anyone know when book 11 is coming out?

You know, I''ve read in a couple of different places that Jordan says he is on track to finish off the WoT series in two more books. I honestly don''t know how that can be true the way he writes but I sure hope so.

You kow another really good author I discovered this year was J. Gregory Keys. His book the Briar King is the start of a new series and for me turned into a very enjoyable ride.

Hoochie...brilliant. And thanks for my newest sig.

My biggest problem with Goodkind is that in an 800 page book, he spends 790 of them on building obstacles, 5 pages on the book''s climax, and 5 pages on ''wrap-up''. It drives me batty. They''re just awful.

I liked the Eddings material through the Sparhawk books. After that, I think he went senile. His ''Redemption of Athalus'' book was terrible. Hmm...let''s see...on page 50 let''s make the hero into a God and then spend the rest of the book showing how clever we are. All of his earler stuff had one-dimensional characters and trite plotlines, but at least the dialogue was entertaining.

I really enjoy David Gemmell. All of his books are the same as well, but they are all great reads. Plus, his writing is clean and fast-paced, with little self-indulgence.

I like both Terry Brooks and Tad Williams, but I think both of them are a little too proud of themselves. Where Gemmell is a triumph of tight prose, both Williams and Brooks spend an awful lot of time posturing. And don''t get me started about Jordan.

The king of them all is Martin though. His books are masterpieces. Classes should be given on his work.

Hoochie is on a roll.


Jack Vance is one of my favorite writers. I highly recommend the collection, ""Tales of the Dying Earth.""

Vance has one of the most distinctive and unusual styles in literature.

I believe that George R.R. Martin once cited Vance as one of his major influences, though their writing styles are pretty much nothing alike. Though, Martin once wrote a series of short stories where it seemed as though he conciously tried to imitate Vance''s unique style.

Vance isn''t for everyone though. His writing and sensibility are definitely products of a different era.

For reference, I think Martin''s Song of Ice and Fire is the best fantasy series of the modern era (fans of Martin should check out the Wildcard series). Hamilton''s Anita Blake novels are great fun as well, though occasionally overwhelmingly silly. And Neil Stephenson''s last novel was a complete disaster.

Outside of the realm of fantasy, I really like Minette Walters'' mysteries.

on the recommondation front
David Farlands series is really good.

Speaking of overrated fantasy authors, I read Raymond Feist''s Magician books several months ago and couldn''t believe how bad they were. The whole thing felt like some shoddy Reader''s Digest mishmash of Tolkien''s work.

I wish Hoochie would post more. Women know just how to rip an arrogant asshole like Goodkind to shreds.

I can agree Eddiings'' stuff gets pretty repetetive. It''s fun to read though. Personally, I like characters who come out of the gate kicking ass. I hate spending half the book waiting for the main character to grow up/get his big magic widget. Especially if you already know he will, since the book revolves around it. It turns in to a crutch to many times. Just let them be good at stuff, and move on to something more challenging.

You know, even though I can easily spot all the glaring weaknesses in the books now, I still love the Belgariad. Whether due to nostalgia or just because I enjoy the flavor of it, that series is one of my favorites. I read the Mallorean and enjoyed it, but it wasn''t nearly as good (to me) as the Belgariad.

I haven''t gotten to some of the Eddings''s more recent books, though.

As for Song of Ice and Fire, that''s going on my ""must read"" list; I just haven''t gotten to Martin''s works yet! (After college, I have spent the last several years catching up on my reading list!) From all the praise you guys are heaping on him, he has to be good.

And Hoochie, as an aspiring writer, when I finish my works I may submit them to you for a good critical read. I imagine I could probably trust you not to hold back and to give me an honest opinion of what works and what sucks.

She''s mine you animals! Get away! Back! Back I say!

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Can''t say there''s much fantasy out there I''d recommend, except for the brilliant Fire and Ice series. (C''mon George, finish A Feast for Crows already! *sob*) Most of it is trash, albeit occasionally enjoyable in a junkfood sort of way. Well, I did enjoy Robin Hobb''s Farseer Trilogy a lot. The first two were great, the last one was passable.

And there''s Terry Pratchett, natch. The man packs more insight into human nature in one book than pompous asses like Goodkind can manage in a lifetime. But think of his books more as comedy/satire than as fantasy.

I did enjoy Dave Duncan''s ''A Man of his Word'' books. Solid fantasy, imo.

Which reminds me, it''s time to read it again.

There are two fantasy book series out there I really enjoy, one is the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and the other is the Myth series by Robert Asprin. Especially the latter is a must read if you are into fantasy combined with a solid chunk of humour.

Both really good series Chrisg. I was really glad to see Asprin finally finish his multibook plot. I hope he never has writer''s block and contractual/legal distractions again.

I was completely shocked at how STUPID AND INSANELY uneducated, morons like you people, are these days. When I refer to you people I mean the IDIOTS who call Terry Goodkind''s work crap yet can call Robert Jordans work good... Sure the both have commonalities... and similarities... BUT look at the facts people Eye of the World was great I will admit, but so was Wizards first rule. Now look at Terry Goodkinds last book FREAKING amazing, even my uneducated dimwitted Robert Jordan friends say so..... Now lets have a ponder at Robert Jordans last book Suprise Suprise COMPLETE and UTTER CRap Not just any crap Horse dung People, Horse %@#%@ sh*t. At least Terry has the common decency to leave off at good points and start up again where he left off. Not RObert Jordan the Imbecile decides to back track and not even talk about the major climax in the last book. JEEZ people anyone with half a brain would see this. I am Sorry, but when I have to make an account just to yell at dumbass's like yourselves I get a little ticked off. OK SO listen up one last time I will write it out slowly for you dimwitted freaks R..O..B...E..R..T ..... J....O.....R....D....A.....N I... S A M....O...R....O...N A....N....D H....I...S L.....A....S...T B.....O....O.....K W...a.....S N.....O....T Worth the paper it was printed on and for all you people who disagree you can go back to adolescence reading material. [size=12][/size][color=darkred][/color]

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Thank you precious.

One more post like that and I feed you to Pyro froggy, read the code of conduct!

Whoa.... our first ""player-hater"" on GWJ. I hope this doesn''t mean the flood gates are opening to people like this.

I''m going back to P&C where the people are nice to each other.

I didnt realize peopel actualy read teh code of conduct

Reading the code of conduct doesn''t have much to do with it in my opinion. However, making your first post on a friendly community site calling people morons shows either a lack of maturity or a lack of a brain.

You must understnad that when one of my favorite authors is being bashed I get alittle ticked off and when the people doing teh bashing havent even read ALL of his books it is alittle more annoying. I will try and contain my anger in the future and will proceed to never to write another mean reply again, for how can if I dotn visit it. I only heard about this wrongfully bad post today and I could not live with my self if I did not reply

P.S Even if he is a Jackass that is no reason not to read his books.
If you people all decided not to read books by good authors because they are jerks then you could miss out on soem amazing books and authors of our time.

So sorry to disrupt you ""Friendly Comunitee""

Don''t let door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

I''m sorry, but I have to say this. We are supposed to take a recommendation from someone with your literary skills, to read books written by a man who insults his fans and the person interviewing him for asking a question that he doesn''t even bother answering?

Well maybe my TYPING skills are not up to standards..... But are words supposed to convey a meaning. The problem people like you is that the text is the most important part. And as I said he may be a jackasss, but he is a good author

But are words supposed to convey a meaning. The problem people like you is that the text is the most important part.

Yes, words are supposed to convey a meaning. My point is that readability goes a long ways in making those words meaningful. The text is important when you are referring to reading. If I were listening to a story, or watching a movie, then text would not be such a big deal. I just hope that my point was clear enough in that if you want to stand up for your favorite author, taking the time to make your defense of him readable and responding to the points and arguments that people have made rather than calling them all morons and idiots would have made your opinion much more credible.

HAHa ok ok point taken...

P.S Even if he is a Jackass that is no reason not to read his books.
If you people all decided not to read books by good authors because they are jerks then you could miss out on soem amazing books and authors of our time.

Fair enough, but how about in the future you give some reasons why we should like his work instead of just calling everyone idiots for not liking him. If your reasoning is sound maybe you''ll even convince one or two of us to give him a second chance. Calling everyone names for not agreeing with you though is just bad form man.