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ccesarano wrote:

They've stated before that releasing a soundtrack with all 107 songs is a nightmare concept, because it requires completely different negotiations than simply including the music in the game. Probably would result in a soundtrack that is way too expensive to consider selling.

Bonus_Eruptus wrote:

If you're not smiling through the car chase/escape from General Lionwhyte's palace, there's something objectively wrong with you.

As someone who is hugely into power metal, hearing Dragonforce is plenty reason not to be smiling. But that's also because I can be a pretentious asshole sometimes and the brief popular stint that band got pissed me off.

Well, I liked it more for the window thing, but to each his own.

Just played for over 4.5 hours. Still love this game. It's like Tim Schafer giving a fist bump to metalheads in the form of a video game. The port is a bit graphically glitchy in a couple spots (the transitional cutscene when entering a motor lodge, and the back patch selection screen while in the motor lodge), but it's a minor thing. One thing in the options that I was happily surprised to see is a FOV slider.

Here I am showing off a few new additions to the game in the PC port: a Psychonauts car skin and Mount Rockmore head, plus the Disgorger, a car weapon that spews tainted blood from the sides that damages nearby enemies.


OK, so those things aren't new to the PC version. I just realized that they were added in the Hammer of Infinite Fate DLC, which explains why I didn't recognize them.


So, I put a few hours in, saved and quit. Came back this morning, and the game says "You haven't completed any chapters", and will not let me resume, only start a new game. (presumably losing my existing save, so I haven't done that.) I can see the chapters I've completed in the chapter list, but if I try to go directly to any of them, it gives me the same message.

So, in other words, it's giving me a list of chapters I've completed, but when I click one to restart it, it tells me I haven't completed any chapters.

Such a, a cute bug. It's the top complaint about the game right now on Steam.

So, apparently, this was a bug that was affecting anyone who started a new game after the last patch; they were getting ready to integrate Steam, and changed where the save files were stored, but forgot to update something in the loading code. They basically found out about it this morning, and got a patch out sometime today that fixed it.

Kind of a boneheaded mistake, but you have to give them points for turnaround time. That's pretty impressive.

This is a great game... just don't rush through the story, which is really short. Take the time to do all the exploration and secondary missions you can.... that's where the meat of the game really is.

The actual RTS mechanics are pretty weak, but man, what a world to put them in.

I just love driving around in the Deuce listening to Angel Witch. That could the entire game and I would be happy.

Just beat the game today. Steam says 7 hours played. I might still do some of the side quests I missed, the game is a blast. Holy cow for a long final fight though!

I normally don't listen to Heavy Metal, but there is a earnestness and joy that this game invokes that I can't help but love it.

It also has some of the greatest subtitles to a game


According to Steam, I got about 15 hours out of it... but I was careful to do every. single. thing. that wasn't a story mission. It crashed a few times, and of course I had that save issue. And the videos glitch like crazy if you have 'high-res sim' on, which updates the physics engine at 60fps, instead of whatever they were forced to use on the XBox. Fortunately, you can turn that off right in the middle of cutscenes, which is what I did.

It really should have been about half again longer. The story moves too quickly. It's kind of telegraphed in, rather than lived. It's almost like a pencil sketch of the story, instead of the actual story. But even the pencil sketch is good.

Boy, it's weird hearing Jennifer Hale as Ophelia. Back before I knew her voice, I just bought it, and enjoyed the acting. But after ME, I'm so overexposed to her that it kind of jars me out of the game a little.

Malor wrote:

Boy, it's weird hearing Jennifer Hale as Ophelia. Back before I knew her voice, I just bought it, and enjoyed the acting. But after ME, I'm so overexposed to her that it kind of jars me out of the game a little.

Similarly with Jen Taylor, she's in a bunch of things, but now I'm too often thinking "Why is Cortana infiltrating a ruined Antarctic base?"

Yeah, I put in about 20 hours doing every little thing and getting almost all of the collectibles. I missed a buried metal somewhere and didn't finish the hunting missions but I doubt I'll go back for that stuff since it wasn't particularly fun to get. Also the collectible radar unlock you get at the end of the game has limited range and doesn't indicate anything on the map disappointingly.

I'm not sure if it's because it's a port or how it was originally developed but I felt like the game was a little underpolished. Most of the side missions are pretty bland, occasionally frustrating, and duplicated everywhere. The driving missions are especially infuriating if you hit a little obstacle and are flipped backwards. Sensitivity for the radial menus and the map was all off for mouse and keyboard as well.

Also I feel like the design of the core RTS combat is a little off and could have been more refined and better explained. The game gives you a lot of tools to play with but many of them seem ineffective, most of the combo system for example seems useless and a waste of precious time in battles. I imagine that it's easy to get stuck towards the end of the game if you don't read about what counters what in the tour book as well. I failed the final battle twice because my army was too diverse, and the third time I just ended up stockpiling units and fans so I wouldn't get run over by the reinforcements.

Anyway, despite all these complains I enjoyed the game overall. It's another good Double Fine joint, although Psychonauts remains by far my favorite game that they've put out.

Buy more Brutal Legend! I hear all DF's profits are going towards funding Double Fine Adventure.

Anyone (re-)buy any music based off playing this? I re-bought Angel Witch's first album (my copy grew legs and escaped during college sometime) and finally bought Diamond Head's Lightning to the Nations, an album I'd heard about back in the day but could never track down.

PC version is $10 on Steam today.

Soooooo worth it.

Malor wrote:

PC version is $10 on Steam today.

And all weekend.

Malor wrote:

Soooooo worth it.

I couldn't agree more, so I just gifted it to someone on my friends list.


Malor wrote:

PC version is $10 on Steam today.

Soooooo worth it.

Nice! I'm in, finally

Last week on 3 Moves Ahead, the panel was talking about the best (and worst) RTS campaigns. I'm surprised nobody mentioned Brütal Legend.

Since the thread is active, let me pop in and say that the art book for this game is no joke. I'm used to "art books" just being a softcover selection of the same ad-ready clip art you see in the strategy guide, ads, and websites... It's an oversized hardcover, think coffee table book but heavy metal, full of concept art you won't see anywhere else and lots of commentary.

Wait, is this art book a new thing?

Yeah, dude. I picked it up at the book release party/signing. That book is the sh*t. Big, chrome sh*t with sparks flying off of it.

ETA: I should re-post this from the "Silly Purchase of the Month" thread, as I am super happy I got these:

So these are technically silly purchases from last month, but I just finished cutting the matte for the print and framing it, so I thought I'd share.


I plan on modeling some of the concept art in the book, thus the post-its.


Book was signed (left to right, from the top) by Scott C, Tim Schafer Himself, Levi Ryken, Raz, Lee Petty, Nathan Stapley, and Mark Hamer. It was a 2 hour wait out the door of the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, and it was totally worth it.


And the print in my recently-purchased frame, sans my reflection.

It's now hanging above my PC monitor.

Yeah, they had the release party during GDC last month. The website still says they're up for pre-order, though. I was talking to one of their HR/event people at the party, she said that all the first-run copies were sold out, save for the batch they made for the release party itself. But I think they're shipping them as they get them from the publisher. Get in on that mess!

Says Out of Stock. Bummer.

Zomg, there's a Humble Double Fine bundle, which includes Brutal Legend. You have to beat the average for it, which is currently $8.27.

gore wrote:

Zomg, there's a Humble Double Fine bundle, which includes Brutal Legend. You have to beat the average for it, which is currently $8.27.

Enabled! Already own all but Stacking, but on either disc or xbox. Wants them all in my steams. Hey, might have to play some Psyconauts again too...

Damn. I own them all (bought Brutal Legend twice and Psychonauts 3 times), and I'm already a Broken Age backer on Kickstarter. Putting in 10 bucks to get the soundtracks in FLAC format.

(And incidentally, I notice that there are actually soundtracks for Stacking and Costume Quest, although I don't think they're full length albums like the two Psychonaut soundtracks and Brutal Legend.)

I have everything on the list already, and I backed the new game on Kickstarter. I love DF, and I love those games, but I think they've maximized their revenue from this particular gamer.

Malor wrote:

I love DF, and I love those games, but I think they've maximized their revenue from this particular gamer.

From me, too. That said, the video is worth watching.

Malor wrote:

But I think they've maximized their revenue from this particular gamer.

I think I'm in this one for DRM free copies, but I doubt I'm giving the usual amount for Humble Bundles.

I accidentally bought two copies of the bundle. If any non-Coffee Grinders would like a free bundle, message me.

So far, it's a nice game. 30 minutes in, and I can already understand the universe.

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