Strange Kubuntu 8.10 problems.

So, I've got a handful of very odd problems in Kubuntu 8.10.

First: Firefox has a _HORRIBLE_ memory leak. It hemorrhages 10-15mb a minute. It doesn't do it with everything else open, just firefox. Even under St.Hillary's account, with no extensions. And, even after installing it from a tar.gz from mozilla's website. So it's something in a lib that Firefox uses, but not many other KDE apps do. (Eclipse doesn't bleed RAM, so I don't think it's Java, and neither does Konqueror, so I don't think it's the flash plug-in either.)

Second: The laptop gets hot enough to cook stuff on. It's a little insane. I don't think it's scaling the CPU properly, but I'm not sure how to fix it.


Upgrade to 9.04 and see if that fixes it. All my lingering bugs I had with 8.10 went away in 9.04