Red Faction: Guerrilla Catch-All

Turn the difficulty to easy, it makes gunfights less of a distraction from all the wonderful destruction.

i also used the demo charges the most.

i loved finding the biggest possible thing, loading it up with charges and trying to bring it down with one blast.

This thread is making me want to return to my space asshole ways...

Man, I love the garbage truck with the rocket launcher mounted to the roof. The destruction that thing can cause...

Anybody try out Red Faction: Guerrilla ReMarstered? Was playing last night with a friend and had forgotten over the years how much fun the multiplayer can be as long as you're not taking things too serious.

Ouch, the install is almost 32 gigs. That's 4 times the size of the original!

It looks like I remember it looking (probably much better than it actually looked). Hammering stuff is still fun. The driving is still garbage. You are still Space Asshole. I'd say it is a successful remaster.