Anybody else watch the NCAA Hockey Championship?

I'm not normally a Hockey fan, but my brother plays and was over last night and he's in school at Miami University right now, so I sat and watched it.

It was a hell of a game. Miami was up 3-1 with only a couple of minutes left to go, so Boston took out their goalie and went up one man and managed to score 2 goals in the last minute.

The only part of the whole thing that was really a bummer was the winning goal for Boston was one of those ridiculously lucky moments in sports. He took the shot and the puck bounced off a diving defender's leg, spun through the air, and went right over the very surprised Miami goalie's shoulder.

Sort of a crappy way for such a good game to end.

I saw part of it. Quite entertaining. I was thinking Boston was dilled.

If all hockey games were as entertaining as that one was I'd probably become a fan.

By my brother confirmed for me that this particular game was not your average game of hockey.

Maybe I'll treat it like college basketball where I don't pay any attention until the tournament starts. Does the hockey setup work the same way? I don't even know.

Well the NHL playoffs start Wednesday, and they are long and awesome. Great time to pick a team and watch some great hockey. There's less fighting in NHL playoffs, which usually makes them better for most people. They're still incredibly physical and fun to watch.

Less fighting, more physical play. Playoff hockey can't be beat.

Playoff hockey is amazing. Almost all of the games are intense. Older players fighting to win the Stanley Cup trying to explain to young guys that they may never make it back there.