Can this DS Lite be repaired?

This DS Lite was accidentally dropped while open. The piece that displays the on/standby lights snapped off. I'd go into more detail but it involves a hotel room in Las Vegas.


The DS works perfectly fine. Unfortunately, that missing piece makes the system impossible to use since the top screen no longer locks into position. The top screen either falls all the way back or shuts itself.


Of course, super glue didn't work. The hinge not only connects to the broken piece but is reliant on that piece to rotate the hinge into an open position. When I opened it after my first attempt at repairing it, the hinge rotated to a certain point before the piece snapped off again.

There is no warranty on this DS because it was imported from Japan (Enamel Navy). I don't know if any repair shop could fix it without replacing the entire piece where both sides of the hinge connect to. That would probably cost about the same amount as a new DS lite.


I would have replaced it with another one except I can't do that because DS Lites have been discontinued. I'm at a loss. It seems like such a waste since it still works.

Is there a DS repair service I could use? Is there a home remedy for this? Better glue? Melt the pieces together?

If your Nintendo DS is experiencing issues with the plastic housing (such as a cracked hinge), please contact our Consumer Service Department at 1-800-255-3700 so that we may provide you with repair options.

This is from the Nintendo repair website. I don't know if they will still repair units not under warranty, but it's worth giving them a call to find out. I don't know of any third party repair places that I would feel safe sending anything (money/hardware) to.

They will repair a unit that is not under warranty, but it is expensive (here in the UK at least).

There are still DS Lites on the market, new; my friend's shop has loads. Many of them are US imports. Given the massive ocean between us, postage and the exchange rate would probably make me sending one over prohibitively expensive, but I can look into it if you can't find any options closer to home. Or were you only after a Japanese special edition?

Hmm, I had Nintendo repair a broken hinge on my DS (came back w/ same serial # and they said they fixed, not replaced it) but it was under warranty. They also said they reset the warranty to the date of repair, which I find amazing.
Sadly, they also removed my screen protectors, put them in a bag and left me a note in the return box saying they were unauthorized items. I haven't gotten another set of protectors to sit anywhere near as well as I did those ones (which is, only one very small visible imperfection at an edge) since and it drives me nuts every time I open my DS.

spider_j wrote:

Or were you only after a Japanese special edition?

It's not special per se. Enamel Navy is a color that isn't available in the US. Our choices are limited to white, black, silver and pink. :/

I'll try to find a local repair shop.

Mystic Violet wrote:

It's not special per se. Enamel Navy is a color that isn't available in the US. Our choices are limited to white, black, silver and pink. :/

And combo's of red/black, & blue/black

So the problem is the top screen is floppy?

Not to go all MacGuyver, but it seems an unbent paperclip attached to the back, secured with duct tape, would serve to hold the screen in place.

Call Nintendo. They have a good rep of offering great customer serivce. See what they say.

Nintendo is almost stupid about their customer service... They're likely to say, "Ok, no problem, send it in!" Not saying it'll be free, but you're more likely to get help from them than you may think. Then again, NOA may not have the parts to fix the navy model.


Mystic Violet wrote:

And combo's of red/black, & blue/black

These are the ones that my friend has in stock.