MyBrainHz - Choose Your Tag!

Congrats, man!

Sucky Scout
Always Optimistic!
Two Thumbs Up!

Cerebrating Diversity

It will have to come out!

LINK to your freakin profile!!

Sorry Brain the only thing I could come up with after checking out the Steam Community thread.

60 Cycle Hum

Lobotomies all around!
Lobotomies for everyone!

Ecstatic Epilepsy

...are 17 per second.

So yours doesn't have to.

Congrats, man!

~10 cycles/second
Longhorns 4 eva

[Edit]Tannhauser'ed on the per second one

Some good suggestions so far... except for Dimmer, who sucks :p

Your words express disappointment, but when I look at your avatar I realize you actually deeply approve of my suggestions

Oh man. This isn't going to give him a big head or anything.

What is the frequency?

Grats brother.


Get it? Hz? Nevermind
And this headache MHz
Don't ask what gigaflops

3 Pounds of Awesome

Unused, In Mint Condition

And my bus is running slow

The heatsink hurts my head

Overclocked but undermotivated

My cycle comes every 1/1000th of a second

'cause it's too big for my skull.
'cause Tempest got meh.
'cause Mooquack got meh.
'cause SAM got meh.

Congrats man!

Intracranial Overclocker

Closed Circuit Open Mind
Open Circuit Closed Mind
Drill Here Drill Now!

Congrats dude!

I'm going to suggest:

Zombie Victim Speed

'cuz it's HUGE!

Who has two thumbs and....
This guy!!

How about some zombie flavored suggestions?

You EatHz?
Not on the Menu


Aspirin plz
Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!
are in metric.

Now yours will too

Downclocked to slow
Overclocked to 11
Water Cooled
Requires an intel socket
Pulse-width modulated
Rising-edge activated

Congrats mate!!

Hallo, Mr. Gumby!
Go Mega or Go Ohm


muttonchop wrote:

Intracranial Overclocker


Wow.. so many good suggestions. All I can add is...

(inspired by your avatar)

I approved this tag

But it's all good

(inspired by your name)

Underclocked and overused

From having every possible thought

I can has heatsink?

Congrats, my brother! And now to iterate one idea ad infinitum:

Red-Ass Gamer
Beating The Hell Outta Video Games
Zombie Squads Left, Zombie Squads Right
Dead Elephant Gamer
Left 4 Dead Elephant
Goodjers, Goodjers, We're Alright
Load, Ready, Aim, Fire, BOOM! Reload! (or just Load, Ready, Aim, Fire, BOOM!, etc. etc.)
Old Army Fight!
Old Army Fighter
Old Army Goodjer
Old Army Gamer
Saw 'Em Off!
Good Bull!
Good Goodjer Bull!

and one riff on your handle: Fortunately, it's not very big.