Stephen Lynch 3 Balloons

I went to see his show in Houston on Saturday. Has anyone else caught a show on this tour? The new stuff is great and he's changed the format of his shows to include video skits that, while completely random, are pretty funny.

I saw him a few years ago when he toured with Mitch Hedberg, and he's really stepped his game up since then. Not bad for a guy that took a break from touring to play on Broadway.

Only complaint: They packed us in like freaking cattle at the Verizon Wireless Theater. When I saw him with Hedberg, the floor was set up in 4-seat tables. This time it was folding chairs that were almost close enough to defy the laws of physics. It was kind of uncomfortable to have some guy I didn't know almost sitting in my lap. When we saw the seating, I held out hope that the person sitting next to me would be a woman that didn't have to be so much pretty as much as just smell nice. Nope. I got big sweaty guy. There's nothing worse than getting up after the show a little sweaty, and not knowing how much of it is actually yours.

I have no idea who this dude is, but you mentioned Mitch, so I'ma gonna check him out.

I've got all his CDs. He's one of my favorites. Very talented individual. I'd love to see inside his brain when he's coming up with this stuff.

3 Balloons is good, but I still think his best CD is "superhero" from a few years back

He's a funny guy. I like "Dead Puppies."

He didn't do too much old stuff. He played "Special Ed" "Beelz" "She's Got a Smile" and did "Craig" in the encore.

He flubbed a lot of the new songs, but that's why I like seeing him live. He's even funnier when he messes up. It's also neat to see him respond to hecklers with quasi-improvised songs.

First time I saw him was that Comedy Central special he did in which he played like a teacher doing story/music time with a class of children. Hysterical stuff. I ended up recording it and capturing the audio from it and I've still got that stuff in my music library. Later, I picked up a couple of his CDs, which I didn't enjoy as much, but maybe I should give his latest another shot.

I had a few of his songs stuck in my head Saturday while moving into my new apartment with my Fiance. I did not sing them out loud due to the inlaws helping us move.

I will say that if anyone here has not heard DnD, well then click the link below. Actually if you have heard it, still click away, you might not have seen this version.

Below is a link to Lynch responding to a heckler. Pretty hilarious, if you're familiar with Lynch and the song's popularity. Some swearing, but not too bad.

sidenote: If you like his work, I'd check out a similar artist called Bo Burnham, either in iTunes or Youtube. Very similar and very entertaining.

You definitely lose something by not seeing him perform the songs. His facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission. I really liked his live at El Rey special with his friends helping him out. That was hilarious and the fast version of special Ed is so much better.

Someone yelled "Freebird" between songs. He started yelling to the crowd "Who said that? Stand up and face? So help me I will climb into that balcony and punch you in the neck"

I love the song Fishin' Hole off the new album. He flubbed it so bad during the show, but it was still great.

His biography is even more interesting. Son of two clergy people who quit to become teachers.

caustic77 wrote:

Someone yelled "Freebird" between songs. He started yelling to the crowd "Who said that? Stand up and face? So help me I will climb into that balcony and punch you in the neck"

I've been a huge Stephen Lynch fan for many years (own his Live at El Rey DVD and Superhero CD), and I've seen his comedy shows on TV and countless Youtube videos, but sadly I've never seen him live. One of these days... (if he ever does a show here)

Some people have uploaded the songs from his new 3 Balloons CD as Youtube videos (such as this guy). While there are definitely a few that I really liked, I wasn't that impressed with most of the songs. They just don't seem as edgy as his earlier stuff.

edit- D'oh! I hit post instead of preview.

MeatMan wrote:
caustic77 wrote:

Someone yelled "Freebird" between songs. He started yelling to the crowd "Who said that? Stand up and face? So help me I will climb into that balcony and punch you in the neck"

That's just brilliant. Something tells me the asshole in question was indeed happy.

My brother's name is Craig & if I didn't like Stephen Lynch before hearing that song, it would have closed the deal for me.

I was introduced to the world of Lynch a few months ago. I must have listened to his CDs at least a dozen times each, and "I Think You're A Nazi" and "For The Ladies" in particular make me howl every time. So, so wrong.

This is probably my favorite, even if it's just a little... off-color.

Good god, has it really been 3 years since I last saw this thread? Arise, I say, arise!

The new album is out. It's called Lion, and is a double. The first half is studio, and the second is the same songs performed live, with the usual banter and insults in between tracks.

It's really very well crafted, both musically and comedicly. He sings a few songs with Courtney Jaye, and their timing and chemistry is perfect (as is her voice). It's a touch more gentle than previous work, with even more heavy country and balladic construction to the songs, but still hysterically funny. There isn't anything as outright wrong as "For The Ladies", though.

Favourites for me are "Tattoo" and "The Night I Laid You Down".

Ok, just after writing that there is nothing as bad as "For The Ladies", I heard the coda to the live version of "No Meat". It's definitely close!

My only criticism is that the studio versions, which are the first half, or disc or whatever, seem a bit pointless in a way. He and his collaborators are such accomplished live performers that thereis no real advantage to the studio versions, and the live versions are funnier.

My favorite is D&D, but if you really want a laugh, look for the version on youtube with his brother singing with.

ahhh Excellent! Somehow I lost track of him. Saw him live on his 3 balloons tour, just plain hilarious.