WoW: My "grid" setup for healing.

Oh thx alot i was really tired when i found this site xD thx for awesome mod

Thx was half asleep when i tried

You healer types might want to check out VuhDo. It's a lot like grid and clique all in one add. It auto-setup a click-cast setup, and allows you to replace left and right-clicks, automatically doing so, while moving the previous right-click menu to something else, like middle or shift-middle, I forget.

Pretty neat looking, but I don't heal right now.


Any druids out there using Grid2 and have tips/files to share/recommend? I really like Baylie's Grid one setup and want to transfer it over but it gets a bit daunting...

I've been planning to switch to Grid2 at some point, but it's still in beta and according to the author is not release-ready at this time, so I've been holding off for now.

I don't know how relevant it is, but over on Paladin Schmaladin, there is a post talking about the author's UI setup for healing.

How To - Healing raids

There are a couple more, but I don't know how relevant they would be:

It looks like the Grid mod that Ferarro is using is older(??), but you might find some nice tips.

Note that, I am approaching L25 with my first ever WoW character (ret paladin), so my advice may result in an urge to "STFU NOOB".

This is a fun thread! I'll post mine too.

Went back to Grid. The new Grid2 is much denser and I don't have the patience to figure out how to just get the corner dots to appear for my HoTs.

So, by request, here's a quick update as to where things stand for me with Grid and 4.x.

First, a couple helper addons are unnecessary or just plain don't work anymore, so here's what I use now:

GridDynamicLayout - Doesn't work anymore. Replaced it with GridConfigurableLayouts. At the time of this post, GridConfigurableLayouts has some issues with sorting people into the correct groups, but it's workable. The author should be updating the mod soon to fix the problems.

GridIndicatorText3 - Latest version works fine.

GridStatusHots - Latest version works, but Lifebloom displays a bit odd for me, could be a misconfiguration.

GridStatusLifebloom - No longer necessary. GridStatusHots handles Lifebloom now.

GridStatusMissingBuffs - Doesn't work anymore. Replaced it with GridStatusAurasExt.

With the new addons and config, my saved variables files has been drastically modified as well. I've updated my version for you to download if you like, here.

Everything else should work pretty much the same as in the OP.

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Updated the grid.lua in the OP with my latest settings.

I've recently been playing my priest again. So i'm curious.

Just how much difference is the raid healing now compared to say BC?

Reason i asked is that i never used healing mods except for decurse and that went away.

Is it that more intense? Honestly just running dungeons the only time i feel i'm in a pinch is if someone is at level 69 and completely undergeared. Then that just means i drop below 50% on my mana.

I can't vouch for the BC raids because I hated that expansion and quit shortly after hitting 70, only to return a couple of weeks after WotLK launched.

What I can tell you is that there are a lot of LK events where the damage is so spread out and full of spikes that the main issue isn't managing mana, it's managing your GCD's. Picking the wrong spell on a GCD can mean that one or more people die before you get to cast the next one. All this while running around avoiding ground effects, rubbing your belly, and patting your head.

I'm actually really looking forward to the promised modifications in Cataclysm that are supposed to bring us back to the days of picking what spell you cast carefully and managing your mana instead of just mashing a button on every single GCD.

I was wondering if you are now using Grid 2 or Grid as I have installed the addons (grid also) and copied your lua file into the relevant folder and some of the features are missing on mine, bottom right hand corner buffs out of combat and a couple of others.

Cheers and thanks for making your layout available to use

I used Grid2 in Wrath, but coming back for Cata I noticed that Grid2 seems to have been abandonend when the main Grid2 author stopped playing. A shame really since Grid2 was just perfect out of the box w/o any configuration.

I think I'll go for Vuhdo now, since it aims to be similarly complete out of the box, and I don't have to configure it/hunt for addons like I would need to if I wanted to use Grid.