Gamers in Ireland

My wife is leaving for Ireland on Wednesday. She quit her job, and applied for a Work Abroad program. She was getting worried, because her work visa hadn't come in yet, but she found out today that it's in transit and she will be able to pick it up on monday.

She's got a degree in geography, and has taken post-grad programs in environmental management as well as public relations. She's not necessarily looking for a career-type job though, because she's only planning on being over there for about 4 months. She'd be happy working as a waitress or hotel clerk or something, enough to pay for food and lodgings and a bit of travel. She's planning on staying in Dublin, as she figures she'd have the most luck finding something there, and she's heard the unemployment rate is somewhere around 12% right now.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for her, especially ones that we might not think of?