Eddie Dombrower:Creator of Earl Weaver Baseball /Iphone Game

I posted this over in the IPhone thread, but I believe it should go here for the more knowledgeable baseball fans that remember how good Earl Weaver was:


For the Baseball fan:(http://ewbbaseball.com/)


EWB Baseball for sale in the App Store
March 23rd, 2009
This is just the first version for the iPhone… new features are ready or in the queue… let me know what features you’re looking for.. it’s an ongoing work-in-progress. Thanks to everyone for their help.

So, what’s in it?
March 4th, 2009
For starters, it’s a port of “I Got It Baseball” (available as shareware for Windows), which is based on the Earl Weaver 2.1 release (sadly, never got released by EA ).

Wills at the plate

Just a list of stuff in the game:

- full stats simulator that uses (what should have been patented) combination of statistics and physics

- several playback modes: old fashioned (Earl Weaver 1) overviews, multi-camera views and a 3D “Director”. Can also play games in a few seconds with no graphics

- The sound of the crowd, the voice of the umpire, the crack of the bat.. right into your iPhone headset

- Instant replay (so you can watch how they pulled off that triple play)

- full box score results from games

- game will ship with old time allstar league

- game ships with 32 historical and fantasy ballparks (inside, outside, grass, artificial turf, green monsters, etc.)

- will provide soon (possibly by ship date) league files for many, many seasons.

- game features full simulation mode, YOU manage mode (your team vs. the computer “Skipper”) and soon to be completed, ACTION mode

- First version features a round robin schedule, but the full league scheduling capabilities are built in and ready to implement quickly

- Graphics are from the old days… some work pretty well, some need improvement.. if the project does well, I’ll upgrade to openGL

- The Commissioner/GM functions are integrated in… from granting a day off to viewing reports of both historical and “accumulated” stats

- It’s just plain fun to watch games this way!


RE: EWB Baseball
Evidently it's going for $8, which from what I have read is hefty for a IPhone game. Plus,
only a hardcore fan would like it. Here's a couple reviews:


I never tried the original so this is relatively new to me. So after playing one inning here's some observations: There's quite a bit of depth in this game almost to much to be a causal game. There are six game display views two being text only, the 3D with 3 camera views is the one I tried, the closer the camera angle you choose the better the graphics look.

Very in depth game you can chose your pitch mode being one pitch or full pitch, You can manually change your entire lineup, Play modes include: Manager only, Play & Manage or Auto-play, You have the option of controlling: Home team, Visitors, or Neither (auto-play)

There are 32 ballparks to choose from some of the big name parks to even the smaller market clubs like the old County Stadium, even has names of ones like Earl's park, not sure how authentic they all are.

Under the Commissioner button you can change league American, National & Negro. Also has a season Management option: Play round robin season, Clear accumulated stats or Grant a day off.

Under Pitcher Management you have the option of: Use pitching rotations, Starters can relieve, or can use resting pitchers. Other options: Player Availability: Injuries can happen, injured players can play, play degradation on.

When not batting you control the pitcher, not sure if the pitches correspond to the actual pitchers resume but you have a lot to choose from, all the out fielding is similar to Baseball Superstars, once a fly ball is caught etc. you through it to whatever base you want to.

When you up to bat you have the following options to choose from: Aggressive running, bunt, hit & run, run & hit, take a pitch, swing away, steal 2nd, steal 3rd, steal home, double steal, squeeze, score from 3rd, Keep in mind not all of these options are available, just depends what type of situation your in.

Price is probably to steep for most but it didn't bother me so much cause all of options & of the depth of game, I'm a huge baseball fan, spent 3 weeks out at spring training. Be happy to answer any ?'s.



took one for the team. You people owe me.

I'm just playing through so impressions are pretty early

Sadly while I would love to be able to recommend it, its nearly impossible to except for a very narrow range of baseball nut at this stage.

The game looks bad. Real bad. Which shouldn't in theory effect your impressions of a game but it does for the vast majority of people and understandably so. It would be better off going for a representational view like Out of the Park Baseball does, or that sort of cartooney simulation screen if you've ever played MVP baseball and are familar with that, or even just text because the current graphics are actually a detriment to the experience. It hurts your eyes to watch. And to attempt to play it. Forgot about it. Anything that would be more functional rather than go for a realistic 3-D appearance would be an upgrade. Note you can change camera views and zoom out which is a bit better but still ugly.

Removing the playing and just focusing on the strategy element would have been the smarter choice for development sort of like the old MicroLeague Baseball games. The problem is that when you play & manage you still have to interact with the graphics when it would be much more efficient to just pick an option to throw curveball high and outside from a menu for example rather than have to do it like an action game in the engine. If you select manage only you basically have no control and just watch the game. Once again through the very poor looking low frame engine engine. So in reality the main thing I would want to do is fast simulate games and just set the lineup and pitching rotation and deal with injuries and simulate franchise seasons and accumulate stats and while that is a very fun thing to do it won't appeal to most people. It appeals to baseball simulator fanatics like me. If they can spiff up the in game managment and or play portion you would have something that would draw in a lot more people rather than just the simulate game crowd which is probably a very small portion.

It's a shame because if it just looked and played better it would be an easy recommendation. If it looked like baseball superstars but had this stat and actual realistic gameplay engine behind it, it would be so awesome.

But right now if you actually want to play a baseball game you would want baseball superstars instead. And if you actually want a baseball simulator, well honestly your probably playing something like out of the park baseball on your PC which is deeper in the management aspect of running a franchise while not being pulled down by graphics.

Not sure how they get around the legality issue but the game currently has the old timer teams sorted into eras. Like American League from the year 1900 to 1930, 1931-1945, 46-60, etc for both leagues. It also has the teams from the 1990,1991 season with their stats.

To be fair he does plan updates but the updates would have to be pretty hefty to get a recommend beyond a niche group although I would be quite happy to see teams available from the last few seasons and the upcoming season.


If this were free I'd try it out for nostalgic purposes. I used to love the EWB games. I'd rather try one of the newer sims though.