GamesBeat 2009 (conference hosted by VentureBeat)

I just happened to stumble onto this at work - apparently, VentureBeat is running a conference for business and gaming today. Might be an interesting diversion for some of those gamers that aren't quite busy at their jobs today.

Here is the link to a live video feed of the event, as well as a link to the agenda. Here are a couple of highlights (all times appear to be Pacific):

11:00am: Game Entrepreneurs Discussion: How will startups and the industry giants wrestle over the future of games?

Moderator: N’Gai Croal (Formerly of Newsweek)
Participants: Brett Close (38 Studios), Lars Buttler (Trion World Network), John Rizzo (Zeebo), Denis Dyack (Silicon Knights), Rob Hunter (Gazillion)

Are the barriers to entry just too big with giants like Activision Blizzard using World of Warcraft as a continuous revenue stream to reinvest? We ask key startups how they expect to get in the game, and in the end, who will be holding all the cards? Is there enough of a market to share?

3:00pm: Break
Demonstration and Discussion: Visualizing the future of games in ten years
Moderator: Evan Narcisse (Crispy Gamer) Participants: Jenova Chen, (thatgamecompany), Michel Tombroff (Softkinetic), Elan Lee (Fourth Wall Studios), Rahul Sood (Hewlett Packard’s VoodooPC)

When we say games are becoming pervasive, we haven’t even begun to think of all the ways they will change our lives – but these folks have! And, they are not only going to talk about it, they are going to bring us into the “future of games” with a series of thought-provoking demos.