WhatIfSports and Fantasy Matchups

I was tooling around with wonderful website WhatIfSports.com while I was supposed to be working today, and while it isn't perfect (it can certainly be argued that whatever engine they're using to do their simulations is a bit light in the pants compared to most full-on sim games. OOTP, for instance), it's still fun to match up the '93 Cowbys v. '89 'Niners. (San Fran wins 31-23 on a neutral field, by the way.)

And it got me wondering. What matchups of historical sports teams/figures would you like to see the most? I know I have a few.

Tiger Woods v. Jack Nicklaus. 18 holes at Augusta/St. Andrews, whichever.
Michael Schumacher v. Graham Hill. Preferably at the Grand Prix of Monaco.
Brazil 1970 v. Italy 1982. Two of the best sides in World Cup history.
Muhammad Ali v. Rocky Marciano. Of course. Alternatively Mike Tyson v. Joe Louis
Jesse Owens v. Usain Bolt.

And lastly, the 2009 Florida Gators v. the 2009 USC Trojans/Utah Utes/Texas Longhorns. (WiS has the Gators over the Trojans 48-41 on a neutral field in a thriller.)

So, you all?

Dunno about Italy 82 being one of the best sides...they were garbage in the group stages. I'd have loved to have seen Brazil 70 vs Holland 74, or maybe France 82 (I still reckon they'd have beaten Italy in the final, but for Harald Schumacher's assault on Patrick Battiston in the semi).

Still an' all, I reckon that you can't beat Chile v Italy 62 for drama and incident...just go on Youtube and look for the 'Battle of Santiago'...go for the BBC commentary if you have an option, as you get the added bonus of David Coleman's hysterically old school condemnation of it, which always raises a smile.