All Pro Football 2k8 Members Please Read

When I played Jayhawker, the other day he was talking of taking a break from the Game. I agree I think with players busy at work and with Summer comming. I think it would be a great time for a much needed break from the game for everybody. DSGamer, do's a great job running the draft and the leagueI enjoy playing with all of you guys, I think expansion turned out to be a bad thing.

So I will set a tournament, in the next few months but as for a season, I think we should wait and start again when it gets closer to Football season and we all get the bug to play.

Well 1 more game with Ruthlessmuffin, and the it's time to play baseball see you guys around.

Yeah I talked to Ruthless and Jayhawker about this exact thing as well.

I would concur.

I would like to say that I'm keeping my game, and I would not be surprised if i got the urge to get a league going again come fall. Maybe after trying Madden 2010, and again finding that it lack the gameplay feel we are looking for.

But then, maybe Madden will be enough of an improvement and we can play with NFL teams and players again. I'd love to do that again, and had really hoped Madden 09 was going to be that game for me. The Chiefs have a new GM, Head Coach, QB, and defensive scheme. I'd really love to put it through it though its paces in a videogame.

But I will still have APFB for anyone that still wants to play a pick-up game from time to time.

I'm keeping the game, of course. But I've put way too much effort into getting the league to run. Someone else will have to pick up the torch in the future if they're so inclined. I actually picked up NCAA 09 and I'm playing that again.

I think what makes the league fun is that for the most par all of our skills are on par, except for Ruthless

I know I enjoy drafting a team and seeing what I can do with it against my peers, but this last season the wait time between games was just brutal.

hopefully we can keep it going

Keep the game for sure it's not worth anything at this time anyhow. If DSGamer dosen't want to be in charge then I will do it. I think the first thing we need to do when we start again is go back to 8 teams. I'm always up for a game just ask and I will play.