Baseball 2k9 League Tournament

Let's start with a tournament and see how many players we can get.

I'll take the Sawx

I played a guy last night with a set of custom sliders, and it was pretty darn good. I won 6-5. I picked up four runs early, and hit HRs with Ankiel and Ludwick. But that was it for the HRs, and my opponent hit none. The game played really well in all phases. He tried to steal twice, I caught him once, and he squeaked in the second time.

The left stick has been reduced to zero, as that is really inflating the HR totals. But this allowed him to set the Power at 80, so there are still hard hit balls into the gaps, and HRs are earned. I played one of his buddies earlier with similar results, winning that game 7-6. In that one I did hit a HR with Khalil Greene. So HRs are not limited to the power guys.

I should be on tonight if you guys want to give it a try before committing.

edit: Oh, and I'll take the Cards!

Here's what we used:


Batting Success: 40
Batter Contact: 5
Batter Power: 80
Pitcher Handedness Influence: 100
Inside Edge Batter Zone Influence: 100
Batting Pitch Influence: 75
Batter’s Eye Influence: 0
Hit Direction Influence: 0
Zone Hitting Influence: 0
Bunt Contact: 0
Bunt Success: 0

Pitching: User Settings

Meter Speed: 75
Pitch Speed: 65
Gesture Recognition: 70
Hold Timing Influence: 20
Release Timing Influence: 70
Pitch Rating Influence: 100
Pitch Break Influence: 100
Pitcher Composure Influence: 100

Fielding: User Settings

Fielding Errors: 50
Throw Meter Influence: 70
Fielder Speed: 50

Fielding: CPU Settings

Fielding Errors: 50
Fielder Speed: 50

Running: User Settings

Base Runner Speed: 100
Pickoff Success: 0
Catcher Throw Out Success: 100

Running: CPU Settings

AI Hit & Run Tendency: 70
AI Sacrifice Bunt Tendency: 65
AI Squeeze Tendency: 40
AI Base Running Aggression: 80
AI Aggression: 40
AI Steal Success: 0

►Controller Setup Is Optional◄

Batting: Total Control
Batter’s Eye: Off
Zone Hitting: Off
Pitching: Total Control
Time Release: Off
Breakpoint Aim:

►Camera Settings Are Optional◄


Camera: Pitcher
Zoom: 3
Position: 1
Height: 8 On Top Of The Mound View (This will fit all Pitchers)


Camera: Batter
Side: Normal
Zoom: 3
Height: 6
Pitch Zoom: Off

We need to find out who wants to play first before I can make a tournament.

I'll play. That's four.

What do you guys think about zone hitting on, and the left stick "homer boost" off? I like the idea of zone hitting. Haven't played with it yet but did with the show in the past...

I'm not too fond of the zne hitting. It may just take some getting used to, but the bat cursor is kind of big and ugly. It's also much, much harder to hit.

I did play with the classic pitching, and what you get is very similar to what The Show has in pitching. I seem to have way less control over my pitches, and I'm sure it would lead to more walks in online play. But it almost feels sacrilege to give up on the right stick for pitching. You guys should give it a try offline and see what you think.

K. I finally fugured out this new My2k thing which is apparently different from the old 2k sports UI. Sent you and frankie friend requests

So is this dead? Shame, its a fantastic game.

I keep meaning to get back into this, but NHL 09 is taking up my time. Do they have the opening day rosters up now?