Recommend me a (non-gaming) podcast

The podcast Heavyweight is back.

Even better, it’s no longer a Spotify exclusive so you can listen to it from anywhere.

I still hadn’t listened to the last few eps because I was miffed at the exclusivity - even though I still subbed to Spotify back then.

I don’t miss Spotify at all. Still a shame though how they’ve mostly killed Gimlet.

I discovered that recently. Science Vs is also back on normal feeds. And then finally, Search Engine is PG Vogt doing a much more refined version of Reply All.

Pretty happy about it. I'm getting low on podcasts again and find that I can only listen to a couple podcasts about gaming a week max these days. (I don't have time to game much in general, so listening to everyone talk about all the options when it takes me 3 months to finish one of them is losing it's appeal. Also, it doesn't matter how much you like the personalities - once you've heard one group of people do a take on the recent news and recent releases you've basically heard every possible take.)

Any Diggnation fans still out there? Kevin and Alex recently did a reunion video.

I haven’t watched it yet, but damn these guys look considerably older - which is making me feel ancient right now.

I recently watched a Day9 stream in which he played WoW for the first time. He's looking older, too, and it took me aback a bit. I used to watch his esports commentary, and he was a lot of fun. Still a lot of fun but a little more rambly these days.