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I Saw That Years AGo - Steven Seagal is Marked for Death

Also for anyone here that listens to the show regularly - unexpected family commitments mean I won't to record regularly for a while. I'm going to try to snatch time with Martyn where I can, but my schedule is going to be unpredictable and I'm not sure for how long.

We're definitely going to keep on recording as it's so much fun for both of us, but you'll just have to wait to be surprised by when a show goes up rather than looking forward to it at a regular time. I'm not sure what's happening with Patreon and all that sort of stuff - I think Martyn is going to be in charge of figuring out how that works.

This will be show our last for a little bit, so enjoy it and don't forget to visit the more than 300 other shows we've done on our website in the meantime. (And stay subscribed to our feed and whatnot so you know when new shows are up.)

I Saw That Years Ago - Robert Redford's looking for... THE HOT ROCK. With special guest Jason Lenzi from Plaid Stallions

Jason is one of the funniest guests we have had on. He's made TV shows, done voiceovers and even started his own toy company, creating products for Star Trek and more. He's also one-half of Pod Stallions, the podcast of the fantastic Plaid Stallions retro toy and nostalgia site. I think this is longest show we've ever put up, as there was so much to talk and laugh about.

Please share this as much as you can with as many people as you can. Life is really taking up all my time at the moment. I'm not able to share the show in as many places as it deserves to be heard.

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A new podcast coming soon from Marketplace callled How We Survive looks interesting and is hosted by Molly Wood who I’ve loved listening to since the Buzz Out Loud days.