[Halp!] Video compression

So recently I've been using Fraps to record some gameplay videos from various games. In the past, I'd use Virtual Dub to compress and process the raw Fraps video so I'd have neat little .avi files that I could upload to wherever. Something isn't working right, however. I'm compressing with Lame MP3 and X-Vid with pretty much the default settings, yet my videos come out all messed up. The sound is all echoey and strange sounding, the video is all choppy and doesn't work right. Wtf?

I haven't changed anything, and my videos used to be fine. I'm really sort of lost here, as I only really know Virtual Dub well enough to do what I'd been doing with it, and now I feel like an idiot because I can't figure any of this out. Ugh.

Anyone got any experience with any of this stuff? Help would be greatly appreciated

what are the settings in fraps. Video size set to half or full, fps set at 25, 30, 60. If you got an update for fraps it might reset your settings. Another thing that it might be is your bit rate is set to high. I've only tried making one video with game play from fraps and I found that if I reduced the bit rate or recorded in a lower setting (half size) then I video would run smooth. I used window movie maker so the video quality wasn't that great.