Hulu for Canadians

Just like a ton of people I watched the Superbowl, saw that great Ad for Hulu featuring Alec Baldwin (who was hilarious playing the Wii on SNL. Oh if you've missed that, it's on Hulu too.) The only problem? I'm Canadian and Hulu only plays from inside the US.
Or does it?

Here's a two step guide to using Hulu from anywhere in the world

1- Download and install Hotspot Shield, a free app that gives you a fake IP to protect you from intruders
(hum, make sure you unlick the box that lets hotspot install some apps on your browser)
2- Log onto Hulu and enjoy!

Now before everyone tells me you already knew about this, let me just say: get off my lawn! I didn't know and I bet a lot of others didn't

Hotspot Shield gives you an IP that is located in the US and so tricks Hulu.

Enjoy the free TV guys

EDIT: be aware that hotspot shield is an ad supported app. not very intrusive though but I mean, if you want to watch Hulu, you'll have to cope with ads anyway. There may be other apps like Hotspot Shield out there but it's the only one I know of that does the job