Spellborn chat with David Perry and El Dryver Feb 27th Noon PT

First post and it is shameless self promotion (sad, so very sad.. it's Conduct rule 10 right?)... I'm actually a fan of the podcast, which is why I'm here, posting and I do plan to be more than the mouth of my company.

We are having a special Spellborn chat with David Perry, USA Director, and El Dryver, Lead Game Designer at Spellborn International Ltd.

Feb 27th Noon PT

This chat will be held on Voon, http://voon.vivox.com

They will be available in the Acclaim Spellborn Room to talk to you.
Click the "Rooms" tab, Click "Manage", and then "Join a Room.."
The name starts with "Acclaim" then click find.

They will be in the "Acclaim Spellborn" room.

David "Historian" DeWald
Community Manager
Acclaim Games Inc.
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