An unofficial IRC channel for Goojers...

Did I spell that right? :p

Anyhow, it was mentioned in the other thread, so what the hell, why not? You can come join me on the DarkMyst IRC network at in #GamersWithJobs, or if you don't have an IRC client yet come visit through this link. All it will ask you for is a nickname.

So hey. Come visit!

I'm connected to IRC all the time. So if I don't say anything, I'm not ignoring you. I'm just not sitting at my computer.

EDIT: Come join us on QuakeNet instead! Link is now in my sig.

People can't complain that we aren't trying at least. Now both of the two of us expressing interest have setup channels

Damn, after I posted this I went to Everything Else and saw the other thread. Perhaps a mod could be so kind as to merge my topic with his?

I'll post this in the other thread too, just in case- I personally don't care which network we end up on. The reason I went with DarkMyst is because I could provide a link where a user only has to enter their username, and not the channel name too (as in my sig). But since QuakeNet provides the same functionality, if we have more people who want to use QuakeNet instead that's fine with me.

EDIT: I'll move to QuakeNet since nossid posted first.

EDIT2: If a mod would close this thread I would appreciate it.