Netgear Coax-Ethernet adapter: mini review

I thought some of you might be interested in knowing about this relatively new piece of tech from Netgear. I just received mine (from a pre-order) and thought I would share my thoughts.

The short setup is: Just moved to a new house where the office and the media center (TV, Tivo, cable modem, etc) are divided by several walls. As a renter, I can't exactly re-wire or cable the house up, and to be honest, I don't want to. It's not my house, so why improve it to that extent?

The problem then, is how to get good network speeds in the office (from whence all of my Mac & PC gaming is conducted)? There is more backstory here, but suffice to say, wireless had plenty of room for improvement. Luckily, just as we moved, Engadget let me know about a nifty piece of technology on the horizon from Netgear. It is a delicious coax network adapter. In short, it allows you to run a network over existing coax line. Lucky for me, there are two live coax lines elsewhere in the house.

The mini-review: nice form factor. Quick setup; from unbox to active was 20 minutes. Does it work? Hells yes! I haven't done sufficient testing, but it does capitalize on the local Comcast speeds (reliably above 6Mbps). I can retrieve fast web traffic in the office, while downloading content on the 360 and watching HDTV without degradation or interference.

Conclusion: if you have a need for running a hard-wired network (read: gaming, streaming, research) and don't have the $$ or inclination to run the cable yourself, AND there is existing coax, this set from Netgear is all win.