Cricket: More Than a Game

I actually love how ugly Smith plays. His success is a triumph of determination over every other factor that should hold him back, it's like an object lesson for all of us. And is drives me crazy how hated he is in South Africa, so what if he's an asshole, I don't want to make out with him, I just want him to play cricket.

Why is he unpopular ? It's not like SA don't win matches. Has he done something to upset people, or is he just surly ?

It's a few factors. He was a complete unknown when he got into the side, and still pretty much unknown when he was made captain. He followed on from some very popular, if incompetent (Pollock) or corrupt (Cronje) captains. In the early days he did come across as pretty arrogant, but what 23 year old wouldn't be in that position? Since then he has been a great servant to the game and the nation in the face of unnecessary vitriol, and he has become one of the all time great players. Yet people still don't like him thanks to those early impressions.

Whaaaat!? The SA vs Pakistan match seemed to be heading down the toilet with time to spare last night so i stopped following, then i find out this morning we won by one run!

that's pretty amazing grit. I just hope we manage to get some consistent ODI performances in the future.

MrDeVil909 wrote:

that's pretty amazing grit. I just hope we manage to get some consistent ODI performances in the future.

Aaand there goes that idea. Our bowlers did a nice job limiting Pakistan, then our batsmen capitulated most limply. Why do some of the best Test batmen in the world seem incapable of performing consistently in ODIs? Especially with the game so strongly biased towards big batting scores that bowlers generally are just there for show.

Looks like the first warm-up match Down Under was played on a road.
Hope that isn't indicative of the rest of the tour... Five drawn tests wouldn't be fun, and I don't think Joe Root can play like Kohli or Sharma in the one dayers to chase down 350.

And so it ends at last. Sachin finishes his last test.

I don't think there is any doubt that he went on at least 18 months too long. More than 40 innings since his last century and it seems like he has been keeping out some very good cricketers.

I find it difficult to remember a time before he played. Many cricket fans are younger than his career.

Well played.

I agree that he probably should have hung up his bat earlier, but I'm sad to see the retirement of TLM.

I saw him bat in the 2010 boxing day test, (I only went to the first day) while I was relieved he was out for 13, it was an honour to get to see him play.

I'm just glad I got to see him at all. (Oval Test vs. England last year that got badly rain affected.)

Are we ready for Round 2 of the Ashes ?

I'm going England, 1-1 but retain the Urn.

davet010 wrote:

Are we ready for Round 2 of the Ashes ?

I'm going England, 1-1 but retain the Urn.

I'm a bit more optimistic about the possibility of Aus actually winning a test or two.

Some of the batmen are actually in good form for once, the bowlers are looking good and there seems to be a better dressing room feeling now that Boof Lehmann is in charge.

Should be a good series! Looking forward to it

I'm ready.
My prediction of an England win at 3-2 might be optimistic about the number of results, but I hope I'm erring on the side of some good, competitive cricket. Regardless, I like England to carry it through.

Good first session for both teams, but that last wicket of Watsons really made it Englands session.

Warner is looking good, which is a minor miracle.

There we go, Australia is back to sucking again

You should read Geoffrey Boycott's stuff - if you'd looked at that before the score, you'd have thought Australia were 800-1. At least.

Going to be in Sydney for the 5th test and wondering if I can handle going.

If it's anything like last time, if you are an Aussie, they'll probably let you in to the last day free. Y'know, just so that there is at least one of you there for the cameras to find.

I'm laughing on the inside.

I'll keep an eye out for a green dinosaur. I'm presuming you'll be sporting a hat with corks, rather than the current cold-weather outfit ?

Another day of criminally culpable batting from Australia.

Charlatans in green caps.

I'll wait to see how England bat before making a judgement, though the pitch did seem to be relatively true. Still, you must be a bit more chipper than when the Aussies were 140-odd for 6.

Yeah, Johnson looked aggressive (if a bit lucky) and Haddin was fluent, but the pitch didn't look like it had any demons in it. I think it will suit The Great I Am and Bell-o.

Anderson looks like he'll be able to make the Kookaburra talk by the end of this series.

Wow, Lyon on a hat-trick.

The Aussies are bowling just as well as the English did, so much for this being a fantastic batting wicket. Those runs Haddin got with the tail end are looking like gold now.

Pray for rain, England.

On your KNEES.

No rain today so it looks like s perfect day for England to try and chase down the remaining 382 runs with 0 wickets remaining.

What the heck happened there?!


Some inspired bowling and solid batting

Three Aussie fans together, they must have won.

davet010 wrote:

Three Aussie fans together, they must have won.


haha, indeedy!

Yep. We sure are piling it on with 3 posts in 36 hours while the others are no shows in the thread.

Personally, I was not wanting to show my face, so you're perfectly entitled to gloat! Aggers made a good point, though (if I can remember it correctly) - something like the fact that England haven't won at the Gabba for 25 years.

Questions now are: how the rest of the series momentum changes and can Joe Root hold down the #3 spot for England? My guess is that he can.