The Kentucky Fried Thread

So, last night I went to Monster Jam for the first time and it was not quite what I expected.

I thought there would be lots of dirt, incredible destruction of defenseless junkers and just general mayhem. Instead there was no dirt (just a concrete floor), it was moderate destruction and the only mayhem was the kid behind me kicking the back of my seat because he was bored.

Oddly enough, my memories this morning have had nearly all the boring bits where I waited and waited for stuff to happen cut out and all that's left are the few shining moments where Grave Digger flipped over or Captain's Curse jumped a school bus and squished the back end of some old car - oh and the motorcycle riders who lit themselves on fire. That was pretty fun to watch.

Where I come from this is known as the kentucky fried phenomenon. It's based on eating the Colonel's chicken (tasty) and the aftermath (nasty and uncomfortable) but all you remember later is the tasty part which leads you to tell other people how great it was and to go out and get more at some future point based on those selective memories.

Yet, when you do it again, all you can wonder is how you ever got through it the first time because it's sort of awful.

Monster Jam is well on its way to becoming a kentucky fried event - in a couple of days this thread will be the only reminder that it wasn't as awesome as I will tell everyone.

What are your kentucky fried events and memories?