All Pro Football Tournament 2 Sign Up

Are you Ready FOR Some FOOTBALL

Congratulations to Jayhawker Winner of Tournament 1

If you are Interested in playing the tournament is now up.

Tournament Name:

Password: krod

8 Players


6 min Quarters


Make your own team no draft have fun.

I need to shuffle around some players from last tournament's roster.

Im in

Awesome! I'm so going to disconnect my game with ertic, I play him. That worked out perfectly!

I'll sign up soon...

More people need to sign up!

Ok, I'm signed up. I took on all Cardinal Franchise team. Every player played at least one season with either the St. Louis, Arizona, and in one case, the Chicago Cardinals. It's a shame that there are no old Big Red OL avaialble. But then, I took Jim Bakken for a K, so I doubt that I needed to wasted another selection on an OL.

My other weakenss is LB, in which I have zero. I make up for it with three DL.

I actually really like my offense.. I played a bit with Jim Hart, and he is really not bad. His only ability if 4th quarter comeback, so that could be interesting. He gets to throw passes to what may be the second best all-round TE in the game, Jackie Smith. He's a beast of a blocker, and has soft hands to boot. Rob Moore was the easy selection, but I had to dig for WR DOn Maynard. His last season in the NFL was in St. Louis. HB was also easy. Ottis Anderson came into the league when I was 10 years old, and it was one of the most thrilling seasons for me, as he rattled off 100 yard games left and right.

On defense, DE Clyde Simmons and CB Roger Wehrli were the obvious choices. I had to dig to find DT Dave Butz, and DE Dexter Manley, to make up a trio of Bronze DL. I needed one more defensive player, and dug up an old Chicago Cardinal. He also only played on season for them, But Nightrain Lane will really help shut down WR's with Wehrli.

The wild card in Bakken. He's a straight on kicker, and damn I'm having trouble timing his kicks. So I'm wasting a spot on a kicker than may be worst than a generic. But I think this is going to be a fun team to play with.

Come on guys get signed in.

I'm coming, I'm coming...just gotta' slap a team together!

I'm so going to make up for the Super Bowl with my Cards team.

What will happen first kickoff or Playball.