13 Days of Gears 2 Contest

Prizes are mostly meh, but hey, 40" LCD!

Anyways, I would have put this in the Gears 2 & Beers thread, but maybe some of you have nothing to do next month until Valentine's Day.


Dubbed the "13 Days of Gears" contest, the event will give away prize packages for (you guessed it) 13 consecutive days. Here's how it works: First, register for the promotion online, which you can do now through Xbox.com/wbgow (registration ends January 31). Prizes will be given away each day from February 1-13, and to be eligible to win on any given day, you have to play at least one match in the designated game mode for that day. Here are the days and multiplayer modes you have to play to be eligible:

* Sunday, Feb. 1 -- Annex
* Monday, Feb. 2 -- Submission
* Tuesday, Feb. 3 -- Execution
* Wednesday, Feb 4. -- Horde
* Thursday, Feb. 5 -- King of the Hill
* Friday, Feb. 6 -- Guardian
* Saturday, Feb. 7 -- Warzone
* Sunday, Feb. 8 -- Wingman
* Monday, Feb. 9 -- King of the Hill
* Tuesday, Feb. 10 -- Wingman
* Wednesday, Feb. 11 -- Wingman
* Thursday, Feb. 12 -- Horde
* Friday, Feb. 13 -- Horde

So what do you have a chance of winning for all your trouble? Quite a bit, actually -- a grand prize package will be awarded each day, which includes the following:

* A Samsung 40" 1080p LCD HDTV
* An Xbox 360 Limited Edition Red Wireless Controller
* A Marcus Fenix bronze statue from Mindzeye Studios
* A life-size Locust drone maquette from TriForce Sales
* The "Gears of War 2" video game soundtrack from Sumthing Else
* The Gears of War Aspho Fields novel from Random House imprint, Del Rey
* Codes to download the golden Hammerburst and Lancer
* A "Gears of War 2" poster signed by members of the development team

On top of that, five first place packages will be given away each day as well, which brings the soundtrack, novel, in-game golden weapons, and poster. So if you're feeling lucky, might as well sign up. After all, you were probably going to play Gears 2 most of those daysanyway, weren't you?

Could this be enough to get Inigo to play something besides Warzone?

I'm only interested in the TV but hey, more Gears during the week sounds like fun. Do the games have to be public to count?

Mystic Violet wrote:

Do the games have to be public to count?

This issue is my linchpin.

Almost makes me wish I hadn't traded the game in. Almost.

U.S. only