1,474 Megapixel Inauguration photo

rabbit wrote:

I like that YoYo Ma is taking pictures with his iphone.

YoYo Ma can do whatever he wants. Dude rules.

The fact that this is just that many photos stitched together is impressive.

It's still not as impressive as those actual multi-something-gigapixel photos that came out a long while back. The camera was custom built by some guy out west, using all kinds of weird parts including stuff from an old nuclear reactor. Google is failing me. He took these huge pictures at a park somewhere though, and you could zoom in from however ungodly far out and read sculpted wording on some of the architecture in the park.

There was another photo he took on the coast somewhere and you could zoom in and see what kind of shoes joggers were wearing, but zoomed all the way out you couldn't even tell the people were there.