Looking for gaming magazine(s) suggestions.

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I really miss the days when Computer Gaming World was around. Does anyone else remember those couple years when they would just release dictionary sized magazines?? Reading articles by Scorpia was what got me playing RPGs in the first place I think.

I was thinking about this when the magazine closed, and I must have started reading CGW at an incredibly young age - definitely before I was nine, probably even younger. I also remember the period where they abandoned review scores as likely being the exact moment when I started thinking about games seriously, and not just spacing out in front of them.

Man, I miss those guys so much.

I have some really old copies in the basement dating back to the mid-late eighties when it was stapled in the middle. "100 Games Rated!" every month. Someone is archiving the old magazines on the web here. Check it out, it's pretty cool stuff, all it's missing is the distinctive odor of old paper.

I was so happy until I clicked that link, and then I was so sad.

Really! Thanks a ton Katy! I havent read her stuff in years, I am going to check it out right now.

Nintendo Force is going to be a spiritual successor to Nintendo Power. It's going to be staffed by a group of the more influential Nintendo-focused writers on the web (see the graphic in the link). They have a twitter account, though it hasn't seen much run yet. It's supposedly launching in January. I'll be checking it out and will report my findings here.

Personally I hope they provide more retrospective analysis than most gaming publications/websites. Nintendo has a pretty interesting history and I'd love to see that part of the company get more exposure.

Kiiiind of a bummer that this is the first post here in almost four years.

So digital, or are they doing print?

Nice to see some Fangamer/Starmen people involved.


The first issue of Nintendo Force is now available. I'm not sure what to think of the pricing. $4.99 for digital seems reasonable, I guess $13ish for the physical is just a necessity because of how limited their audience will likely be. They're basically just saying they want people to buy digitally. I know lots of people use their tablets and kindles and whatnot for magazines now, but I'm not there yet. I need to mull this over.

That's comparable pricing to Kill Screen and Continue magazine. Will have to check it out later.

Nintendo Force's subscription price seems a lot more reasonable than that of single physical issues. $39.99 for a year of both the physical and digital edition, $29.99 for physical, and $19.99 for digital.

I'm slightly hesitant because I don't see an indication of how many issues are in a year.